3 Healthy Skin Habits For The New Year

3 Healthy Skin Habits For The New Year

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 15 January 2019 | Beauty, Magazine

The holidays are well and truly over, the monotony of the exhausting and rewarding chore of travelling the length and breadth seeing all family and friends has come to an end. We have overindulged in food and drink and the reality of our excessive behaviour has sunk in. This is, however, not a negative situation to be in but an opportunity for change or even just tweaking our beauty game.

Follow these 3 simple steps so strip away tired skin and a awaken a glowing, healthy visage.


One of the best and easiest ways to achieve healthy skin is to fluff off all the dead skin underneath. Use a gentle peel with AHA’s to chemically exfoliate the skin. These products usually come in the form of wash off resurfacing face masks. Follow the instructions carefully as you don’t want to overdo it as this could be detrimental to the skin and cause excess redness or unwanted irritation.

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Regardless of how much water we drink or how healthy our lifestyle we still lose valuable amounts of moisture from our skin that leads us to look dull and dehydrated. Use a lightweight Hyaluronic Acid serum, opt for a serum that contains a verity of molecular weights. This will ensure that you will have an even amount of this water retaining golden ingredient into all layers of the skin.

Pop of colour

As simple as it sounds a pop of colour can do wonders to blast away the January Blues. A splash of bright lipstick or gloss will give vibrancy to any makeup and bring light to the face. Go for more pinks or peaches with a warm undertone to flatter the complexion. If you tend to shy away from brighter colours then use a natural bronzer dusted on the high points of the face for a fresh and warm sun-kissed look.

If you require more advice about returning your skin to its healthy glow then contact me at Ai Beauty Consultancy. I would be only too happy to help you.

Written by Arif Isikgun

Founder and CEO of AiBeauty Consultancy

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