Let’s Get Glowing: Spring Clean Your Skin Care

Let’s Get Glowing: Spring Clean Your Skin Care

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 24 May 2019 | Beauty, Style & Beauty

When the sun makes its appearance and days grow lighter and longer, we’re often inspired to spring-clean our homes – but what about our beauty routines? With that in mind, we asked skin expert Ross Farmer to share the natural way to happier skin this spring…

According to skincare expert Ross Farmer of The Secret Face Clinic, the key to getting a beautiful, natural glow is all about working from the inside out. Here, he shares some practical tips on achieving great-looking skin.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Our sleep routine is often the first thing that suffers when we are stressed – and yet a lack of sleep is the one thing that people always notice – “Gosh, you look tired!”. Although different people need different amounts of sleep, research shows the average required is around 8 hours. There’s a reason they call it ‘beauty sleep’: it is during your sleep that your body repairs and regenerates skins cells, so a good night’s rest is crucial to keeping your skin looking its best.

Drink plenty of water

Skin cells are hydrophilic in nature (this means water-loving). It is the water content that gives the cells volume and can help you avoid looking gaunt. As we age, our skin cell naturally become less hydrophilic, meaning it is even more important to keep well hydrated. Drinking little and often throughout the day is better than guzzling gallons down in one go.

Watch what you eat

We are what we eat! A well-rounded diet is essential for delivering the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep it in tip-top condition and, naturally, a diet rich in fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables is a great place to start.

Outbreaks of spot on your face can often be down to a change in diet or the way your body handles certain compounds – if you suffer from breakouts, an exclusion diet is a great way to track down which food element is causing your outbreak.


Collagen is a key component in tissue repair but also in creating elastic skin. The more collagen we have, the greater the skin’s ability to stay pert and bounce back into place.

After the age of 25, we see a year-on-year reduction in the amount of collagen held in our skin cells. There are a variety of creams and face masks available that add collagen to the skin cells you can see when you look in the mirror – however, these cells are already about 8 weeks old. The key thing to do is to try and improve the collagen levels being achieved in new cells being created each day.

Ensuring you are not deficient in Vitamin C is essential, as it is a key element required for collagen production. There are also treatments such as Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture that stimulate the cell bed, making the body use its own natural healing cycle to stimulate higher levels of collagen in new cells produced.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture is a relatively pain-free treatment (known as natural Botox) and it has been taking the celebrity world by storm, as it is all about gently enhancing your natural look. If you want to try it, you can have the treatment in the comfort of your own home – choose a reputable company such as The Secret Face Clinic. Benefits include:

  • Rejuvenating the new skin cells your body produces to fight the signs of ageing
  • More collagen, resulting in tighter skin
  • More natural oils, resulting in firmer skin
  • Reduction in scars (for example from acne)
  • Reduction in blemishes

To celebrate the launch of its home-visiting service around Wimbledon, South West London and the Surrey Borders, The Secret Face Clinic is offering 25% off any booking made in May.

For information, visit TheSecretFaceClinic.co.uk or email info@TheSecretFaceClinic.co.uk.

Contributor: Ross Farmer, Lead Clinician | The Secret Face Clinic

Facebook: @TheSecretFaceClinic
Instagram: @TheSecretFaceClinic
Twitter: @SecretFacesSW19

(Disclaimer: This blog is a paid promotion. All views and opinions are our own.)

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