At-Home 10 Minute Stretch Plan

At-Home 10 Minute Stretch Plan

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 13 January 2020 | Health & Fitness

Whether it is getting started or easing you back into a daily routine, XperienceFit have designed a ‘stretch plan’ that will stretch those muscles and warm your body up. Get moving today…

Has your body nestled into a comfortable lifestyle and making your way to the gym seems exceptionally daunting? We get it.

Whether it is kickstarting your 2020 fitness regime or easing you back into a healthy daily routine, this ‘stretch plan’ aims to stretch those muscles and warm your body up.

Before performing any type of exercise, it is vital you warm up in order to prevent injuries from occurring or reoccurring too. Stretching will increase your blood flow and it will improve metabolism, immunity system, your mood and so much more.

Each stretch in this plan is designed to be performed for two minutes, hold each stretch for ten seconds and then repeat six times. Make sure to take your time, breathe deeply and in between the different sequence in the stretch, on the exhale, try to find some more depth whilst stretching so that you can improve your flexibility.


No equipment needed.

Cat/Cow Back Opener | Photo Credit: XperienceFit

1. Cat/Cow Back Opener: Start on all fours, hands directly underneath shoulders, and the tops of the feet pressing into the ground.

Bring your belly button towards the ground creating a deep arch in the back. Hold the position for ten seconds and don’t forget to breath. Push up through the shoulders whilst letting your neck get some space as well by letting the head drop down.

Hamstring Stretch/ Chest Opener | Photo Credit: XperienceFit

2. Hamstring Stretch/ Chest Opener: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hinge at the hips to bring your chest towards your knees.

Bend the right knee and bring the left hand up towards the sky.

Let your gaze softly follow your hand upwards. Hold the position for ten seconds and repeat 6 times on each side.

Downward Dog to Upwards Dog | Photo Credit: XperienceFit

3. Downward Dog to Upwards Dog: Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart on the mat and come up into a downward dog position keeping legs straight and heels as close to the mat as possible.

Keep your gaze between your feet, back flat, and push with your upper body down towards the mat, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings, calves and shoulders.

Next bring your lower body to the floor, keeping hands in the same place, creating space in the chest and the back.

Squat to Hamstring, Shoulder & Chest Stretch | Photo Credit: XperienceFit

4. Squat to Hamstring, Shoulder & Chest Stretch: Place feet shoulder width apart and squat down far enough to feel the hips open up.

Clasp your hands behind your back and pull your hands away from the body, opening the chest.

Keep back flat and hold for ten seconds. Slowly stand upright keeping a slight bend in the knees, let the arms extend upwards and over the body to stretch the shoulders and hamstrings.

Lunge to Shoulder Opener | Photo Credit: XperienceFit

5. Lunge to Shoulder Opener: Start in a plank position with hands located directly under shoulders.

Bring your left leg up next to your where your left hand is making contact on the mat.

Next bring your left hand up straight up towards the sky letting your gaze follow it.

Think of bringing the pelvis down towards the floor keeping the back leg straight to deepen the stretch in the hips and hold for ten seconds. Repeat six times on each side.

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