Who’s That Girl – LaVie Magazine

Who’s That Girl – LaVie Magazine

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 24 May 2016 | Press

Read about how I fit a career around a modern woman’s life in my first ever (8 page spread) editorial in Lavie Magazine titled ‘Who’s that girl?’

My exciting PR career began at CeX, where I was the UK PR Manager for Sony Entertainment, launching PlayStation 2 and Gran Turismo III on Oxford Street. Having created a storm in the gaming world, I gave it all up to have a family. However, it wasn’t long after my own company; Bombshell Consultancy Ltd was born, where I was able to channel my passion for networking and social media, but this time on my own terms.

You can buy a copy here: laviemag.pl/en/2016/02/11/kim-jest-ta-dziewczyna

Who's that Girl

Who's that Girl 2

Who's that Girls

Who's that Girl

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