Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

21 March 2023
Posted by Alex Gear
Spring Greens In 20 Minutes

Nutritionist Alex’s wonderful veggie bowl is bursting with flavour and nutrition. Easy to prepare in 20 minutes.

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5 March 2023
Can You Spot Red Flags in Your New Relationship?

We all enter a new relationship with such excitement. Could this be “it?” Could this be the love of a lifetime? Certainly, that’s possible. So, while you are basking in...

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10 February 2023
The Wimbledon Smile

Always dreamed of the perfect smile, but just need to research how and what is right for you? Dental Implants from the Dental Rooms in Wimbledon Village is one way...

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2 January 2023
Detox with Total Body Health

At Christmas and New Year, it is easy to overtax the body - even unintentionally. For some it can be a period of non-stop partying and catching up with friends,...

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2 January 2023
Posted by Bhavash Padhiar
How To Detox Naturally This January

Find your rhythm and bounce back to your vibrant self this January with Bav's top 3 tips to help you detox from the excess of the holidays.

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2 January 2023
Welcome to Wellness January’23

We are long overdue a morning stretch to start the day strong. Lady Wimbledon is here to wake us all up. The time has come to organise our head, home,...

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1 January 2023
How To Achieve And Maintain Healthy Hair At Any Age

Having healthy hair can have a big impact on one's self-esteem and confidence. It can also make a positive impression on others, as it's often seen as a sign of...

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16 December 2022
The top 5 Benefits of Invisalign

Our smile is what tells the world we are happy. Yet, as we get older, it's easy to not smile in the mirror at the person who loves us most....

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15 November 2022
5 Top health tips to get you through Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and our team here at Lady Wimbledon is no stranger to Christmas parties. ​​Cocktails, warm mince pies, and the company of friends—we're all for the whole package....

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25 October 2022
Posted by Flora Firth
Top 5 Wellness Tips For Autumn

How to stay happy, healthy and mindful in Wimbledon, by our wellness blogger Feel-Good Flora...

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