Secret Life of a PR Girl – August Issue

Secret Life of a PR Girl – August Issue

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 12 August 2016 | Press

In this month’s ‘Secret Life of a PR Girl’ in LaVie Magazine:

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships were always going to create a buzz around us, but nothing prepared us for the events, parties, media and clients knocking on our door. This year we were thrilled to discover Tamara Ecclestone was opening her SHOW Dry salon in Wimbledon Village a week before the start of the tournament; we helped with the guest-list and were blinded by the amount of press coverage.

Even before the tennis frenzy hit I was invited to an exclusive weekend retreat with 15 of my oldest university friends, however I returned to the perfect storm, as the rain poured and we cried over Brexit – luckily the new Burger Shack and Bar named a table ‘Lady Wimbledon’ where punters could enjoy the tennis on a comfortable sofa by the fire, with milkshakes and gin to drown their sorrows.

Aug 2016 Lavie PR Girl
Although shortly after I was surprised to find out that Channel 4 were circling the action around my new drink created at Hemingways Lounge Bar – a Skinny Pimm’s called ‘Lady Wimbledon’ they asked to film me interview two men on a diet, with my tasty low-calorie cocktail in hand.

The very next day ITV came to my house to film me hosting a pamper party with Gina Conway Prive and a group of fabulous working mums, before an outing to the All England Lawn Tennis Club. The team arrived offering red carpet ready hair, makeup and nails, with a stress relieving massage.

That said, the highlight of the fortnight was definitely meeting tennis legend Dustin Brown on a night out. Not quite sure how next month can compare, but I can only hold my breath and wait and see.

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