Country Chic

Country Chic

Posted by Helene Arentz | 10 February 2017 | Home & Garden

Hunting for inspirational home textiles lead me down the ‘Country Chic’ road.

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Chair with brown essentials and back drop: Designers Guild. Grey wool laying on chair: Andre Upholstery

Yep, chic is what we are aiming for. Who says a rustic look can’t be contemporary and elegant?

You don’t need to be surrounded by olive trees, vines and orchards in a 17th century pared-down farmhouse to desire a design aesthetic using leather, aged wood, beautiful wool and linen in your home.

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Fire & table and chairs: HA Interior Design

As we are in the midst of winter and the half term is just around the corner, I found the fireplace to be the best ‘chill out’ place. This is what tempted me to arrange an elegant and chic country palette. Nevertheless, hot or cold, quality materials and earthy palettes work for every season.


Linwood fabric swatches

Rustic yet elegant materials, moody colours and heavy textures look amazing when combined with contemporary and clean lines. Balancing ‘city meets country’ in a home creates a unique atmosphere as the heavier colourful materials bring warmth and personality.

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Blue fabrics by Ian Mankin

As an Scandinavian Interior Designer I can only admire English textile and furniture brands who have the knowledge and spirit to maintain tradition and good craftsmanship in modern and contemporary settings. The use of colours and combinations look so effortless and relaxed. Mixing checks, stripes and floral patterns is so easy when it’s all layered up in different themes and colour schemes.

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Floral wallpaper: Designers Guild. Grey wool laying fabric on chair: Andre Upholstery. Pink striped ‘Sami Fabric‘ from Andrew Martin. Book ‘Winter Living’ by Selina Lake (available from Absolute Abode)

‘Harmony’ is what we should aim for in the jungle of choices.

Thanks to Andre Upholstery for providing us with a magnificent array of samples.

By Our Home & Garden Blogger, Helene Arentz.

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