Spring Beauty Experience at Gina Conway Aveda

Spring Beauty Experience at Gina Conway Aveda

Posted by Becca Gray | 3 March 2017 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Style & Beauty

My hair had not been dyed since September where I had a balayage look. This was a great low-maintenance style as it has gradually grown out.

Before the makeover.

But as it is coming up to spring I really wanted a revamp! Because I have naturally curly hair it is very dry, so I don’t like to have many chemicals on it. I had heard about the amazing hair colours in Gina Conway Wimbledon and how they are 97% natural. I was very excited to try this out myself.

From the moment I arrived in the salon, my time there was just fantastic. I was immediately treated with a head massage using divine smelling oils.

I then sat back and chilled with coffee and magazines whilst the stylists got to work.

Dom was my colour stylist for the day. We had previously discussed the look I wanted and with his expertise he worked out the best way to achieve this. Plus he gave me more ideas on how he could give my hair a revamp.

Whilst he got to work applying the colour I wanted to find out more about why the Aveda colour at Gina Conway is so different from anyone else. First of all it is 97% natural so only 3% synthetic, this is very rare for hair colours. It is without petrochemicals plus it contains my favourite coconut oil and other natural oils – it is therefore moisturising at the same time. This also means that no heat is used like other salons as it would literally cook the hair because of the oils in the colour. One of the great things is, there’s NO smell!

This is great for the client, but I also wanted to find out why Dom as a hair colourist loves it.

Dom was so passionate about the the colour, I could tell how much he loved it. One of his favourite aspects was the way he could customise it himself. The base colour and pigments are separate so the stylist formulates the colour from scratch. whereas the other brands are pre-made. This way the colour can be adjusted to the clients individual needs. So your hair colour is personal to you and you will never have the same as anyone else.

The colour techniques have been worked on for the last few years. Giving the technician the freedom to create customised, exciting, visual work with the hair in front of you – moving away from the traditional black and white hair dressing rules. I could really see this in Dom’s techniques of using his hands to apply the colour.

Whilst the colour was on I received a hand massage. I was so relaxed by this point, I really felt like I was in a spa somewhere far away, nowhere near Wimbledon High Street…

As if it couldn’t get any better, when I went over to have the dye washed out, I was fully lying down on the comfiest chair where I then received a head massage and a hair treatment was applied. I actually could have fallen asleep, especially after a mad week at London Fashion Week, this was perfect timing.

Now for the exciting part…. The colour reveal! I’m always nervous when getting my hair coloured as to what it will look like? Will I like it? Have I made the right choice? But this time I felt totally relaxed and confident with Dom, and I was right too, because I loved it!

Roberto gave me my blow-dry, he was also extremely passionate about the hair colour and loves it because it creates shiny, natural colours. He also says for the stylist it’s so much fun creating your own colours, and they can really let the creativity flow.

I have had my hair done hundreds of times over the years, from having every colour and style out there to just a general obsession for the perfect blow dry. And I can honestly say Dom and Roberto are two of the most passionate hair stylists I have ever met! Their knowledge and love of hair, Aveda products, and of the Gina Conway salon is really admirable. It is clear they love their work and will give you the best service out there.

Finished look.

By Our Beauty Blogger Becca Gray

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