Treasure Hunting at Sunbury Antiques Market

Treasure Hunting at Sunbury Antiques Market

Posted by Helene Arentz | 31 March 2017 | Home & Garden

Hunting for unique vintage finds at Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Park is a lovely way to spend a sunny day. Lots of beautiful treasures are waiting to be found, from furniture and carpets to pictures, textiles and frames – the sky is the limit.

sunbury antiques market

During the past year, I have been to Sunbury Antiques Market a number of times (roughly a 30 minute drive from Wimbledon) searching for special pieces for my work as an interior designer, and also for my family home.

sunbury antiques market

Why not revamp your home decor using goods collected from antique markets yourself? The relaxed but eternally chic look is really hands on, and you don’t need to go all the way down that street. The good news is, you don’t need to own an over-sized country house to create a personal and atmospheric home with antiques. Mixing antiques with a modern scheme is very effective, the trick is getting the balance right, whether you’re in the city or countryside.So how can you incorporate antiques into you home? The texture and imperfection of natural materials adds interest and character to a home. You can work with the contrasts of clean and modern lines and layer it up with objects worn and aged by the passage of time. Use a light backdrop for dark wood and textured fabrics.
sunbury antiques market Heavy and rough linen textiles are beautiful and I love to match them alongside fine and soft textiles. The textiles I come across and buy are mostly French, Hungarian or from the Ukraine. Old grain sacs are among my favourites for bedspreads, cushions and upholstery. They can handle a warm wash, and they literally last forever and even look better over time…who wouldn’t love that!

sunbury antique market linen napkins

Many designers, shop owners, vintage dealers and collectors find their way to this market, and they have done for the last 35 years. The market is open for everyone, and I would recommend everyone to consider it when looking at new buys. Antiques vary in price, but what you get is some history, warmth and character added to your space. Remember to bring cash and an open mind. If you are not able to go there yourself, you can have someone browse for you. It’s easy enough to have your stuff brought straight to your door by one of the vans waiting to serve you.sunbury antiques market However, the most exciting part is, you never know what you will come across! You also meet a lot of hard working, kind and honest people selling their stuff collected from all over Europe and beyond. They love to chat about their products, and quite often they have a lot of knowledge if you are interested. After a joyful browse through 750 stalls inside and outside, I love grabbing a hot black coffee and a warm egg and bacon bun from the coffee truck. Yummy!

By Our Home & Garden Blogger, Helene Arentz.

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