Wimbledon Common Sense

Wimbledon Common Sense

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 19 February 2018 | Community Spirit, Magazine

We all love the Common, and often take for granted how it is run and managed. What if a new board could re-generate and protect its natural beauty?

On 28th February this year, a vote will be counted to elect the next five Conservators (Trustees). If you are a resident of Wimbledon and Putney Commons, it is essential that your voice is heard.

Common Sense

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators’ Election is a postal or on-line vote that is held every 3 years to elect 5 trustees to oversee the management of the Commons.  This year there are 10 candidates on the Ballot.

The role of Trustee is voluntary, unpaid and not associated with any political party. They are purely there to act as ‘governors’ of the Management team that actually run the Commons.

Wimbledon Common Vote

If you live within 3/4 mile of Wimbledon Common or in the old Parish of Putney you pay a small levy with your council tax and hence in the next couple of weeks every eligible voter in your household will receive voting papers in which you can vote for five candidates.

The forthcoming election is an opportunity for a new board Trustees.

Wimbledon Common Vote

We spoke to the candidates in “Common Sense” for the Future of the Commons group: Tim Bowen, Peter Hirsch, David Hince, Sarah-Jane Holden and Diane Neil Mills. They are a group of individual candidates who will bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the table for the good of the future of the Commons.

If elected, they will put the interests and future of the Commons first, ahead of internal divisions. With their individual perspectives and diverse base of experience, they will build on the past successes and implement a long-term investment program that is aligned with the publicly agreed strategy.

Visit their website: www.supportersofthecommons.com and Facebook page: Supporters of the Commons and they would really appreciate it if you ‘like’ & ‘share’ & ‘comment’ as much as you can.

Website: www.supportersofthecommons.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/commonsenseforthecommons

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GvcGCwXyGwI

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