The Power Of Skin Care

The Power Of Skin Care

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 26 June 2018 | Beauty, Magazine, Style & Beauty

Perhaps this topic is hot at the moment as my clients (and general people) ask me this question more than any other – “how do I get smoother skin?” A simple question, which one would imagine would require a simple answer. As it turns out the answer isn’t so simple…

Good skin is a balance of care, perseverance and knowledge; easy to achieve if you know how. Many people who are looking to create transformation tend to gravitate towards more evasive procedures. Those of us that want glass like skin are usually misinformed, as we are told and moreover believe, that layering makeup will give us a flawless result. Warranted, makeup will cover imperfections but skin care will perfect, and resolve underlying issues.


Cleansing is everything!

Always start with a good cleanser. Whether to wipe away the remnants of a good night, or to clean the sleep from your eyes in the mornings, this step should not be overlooked or under indulged.

Find a cleanser that is directional to the results you want to achieve. The right cleanser will not only “clean” but reduce superficial scarring, brighten, hydrate and prepare your skin with a healthy glow for the rest of the day and even accomplish a better makeup look!



Is toning a needless step?

Sometimes regarded as a “what’s the point” product, toners can be overlooked or misused. Toners can balance PH levels on the skin depending on the type and the effect needed. Certain toners also prepare the skin for products to allow for better absorption.

Specialist toners have a lower concentration of active ingredients which helps the skin accept nutrition. These types of toners can cost anything between £5 – £100, so choose wisely! Besides the many other benefits, I believe that toners can be the key to fresh and awakened morning skin.

As well as the above, using toners twice a day can smooth, reduce pore size, remove excess grime and makeup, and just make the skin feel rejuvenated. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?


What to do next

There are many options on your quest to perfection – remember that knowledge is key. Not every product is going to work for you. Do not fall in to the trap that if it looks good and works for your friend it will equally work wonders for you. Take thumb prints as an example; no two are identical. This is the same with your skin.

Practical skin care routines that deliver results need to be thought out, adapted and tailored to your needs, and of course, budget. With skin care, you do usually get what you pay for, but with a little guidance, expertise and informed choices, you can get so much more, elevating your chances of achieving perfection dramatically.


Written by Arif Isikgun

Founder and CEO of AiBeauty Consultancy
About The Author

Arif Isikgun

Make-up maestro Arif has wielded his bronzing brushes as a training adviser for the world's biggest beauty brands, and now offers private independent consultations for clients.

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