4th Day of Xmas Wimbledon Gave To Me

4th Day of Xmas Wimbledon Gave To Me

Posted by Sisley White | 3 December 2018 | Food & Drink, Magazine

Tis the fourth day of Christmas and all around we’ve beginning to smell the first signs of the festive period. On this merry day, we focus on the baking goods our family, friends and loved ones will crave for days after the seasonal game has been devoured. Take some inspiration from our beloved food expert Sisley White to ensure your gifts are well received, loved and used during this sensational holiday period.

Christmas is a foodie time of year there is no doubt about it. From the brandy soaked fruit in Christmas pudding, the bitterness of the sprouts and the rich and luxurious gravy to pour over the turkey. Not to mention all the canapés, biscuits, chocolates, drinks and other tasty things that absolutely have to be eaten over the Christmas period. Although it’s a time for food, it’s also a time for foodies. It’s an opportunity to flex our baking and creating muscles and of course, a gadget or two are definitely tempting. Here are my top 4 gifts for foodies.

The Mixer

Let’s start with a big present. The most classic and stylish kitchen accessory has to be the KitchenAid mixer. The vintage designs are now available in such a huge range of colours and the range of attachments is growing too (including a pasta maker and ice cream attachment too). Yes, it is an expensive purchase which is why it will definitely be a big present. However, with the attachments including a mixer, dough hook and whisk in the box there are millions of recipes that can be made straight away. I use mine so much more than I thought I would and being able to quickly create bread, cakes and so much more in the kitchen is an additional gift.

Available in Wimbledon at Lakeland and Elys.

Oil and Vinegar

I know I’m not the only local foodie who loves a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar and luckily Wimbledon is a great place to buy it from. I love going to Bayley and Sage and marvelling at the selection. It’s always great to go there when there is a tasting opportunity so you can find one that really suits you the best. This oil I wouldn’t use for cooking with but superb salad dressings, to dip with when making charcuterie boards or on a simple summer spaghetti. If you’re buying for a foodie, chat to the staff at Bayley and Sage who can recommend the best one for you.

Bayley & Sage

The best wines for the big day

Fine wines are a treat so it’s the perfect time of year to splash out on a bottle or two from one of our fabulous wine merchants. Wimbledon is lucky to have Friarwood in Wimbledon Village who offer beautiful hampers, The Sampler in Leopold Road have a quirky range of wines and a wonderful sparkling wine section perfect for Christmas parties when you want a little sparkle. Plus Wimbledon Wine Cellar on The Broadway is hosting an afternoon wine tasting session on Sunday 9th December to try all the wines that will work best with your Christmas menu.

Hand Blender

This might seem like a little odd to receive this as a Christmas present but the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender from John Lewis has been a hit massive hit over the last year in our house. So much so that I would recommend it to foodies everywhere. The blender is great for soups but the addition of the chopper pot makes it so easy to make marinades and rubs for meat and also for pastes for curry. Even chopping up chilli, coriander and garlic with oil in the little pot blender makes a perfect base for a green curry. It’s also a great set of kitchen gadgets because they’re easy to store away and won’t take up too much space.

Written by Sisley White

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