Happy Birthday Lady W & Merry Xmas

Happy Birthday Lady W & Merry Xmas

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 7 December 2018 | Food & Drink, Magazine, News, Party Ready

On this dark wintery night of December Wimbledon Gave To Us a spectacular festive party in honour of the lady of the hour Lady Wimbledon!

Wimbledon’s finest convened to celebrate, mingle and nibble on the finest food provided by NC Supper Clubs and Becks Bakes. While the towns best tipple was served up by Wimbledon Brewery, Cranes Drinks and wines specially selected by Hannibal Brown. Guests partied to the international MC KIE under the majestically beautiful marquee only made possible by the wonderful Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica and Danielle Sweeney.

Take a step into our Winter Wonderland themed evening…

Lady Wimbledon, Becca Gray, Wish Upon A Sparkle, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica

As guests began to cue up to have our glamorous Beauty Editor Becca Gray shower them with a little glitter, from Wish Upon A Sparkle, the festive cheer soon began to spread throughout.

Lady Wimbledon, Pines & Needles, Wimbledon Gold, Partica, Mr Sparx

Wimbledon Brewery was on hand to serve up their all-time-favourite Wimbledon Gold and Wimbledon Pale Ale straight from the chilly depths of a cooler into the eagerly awaiting hands of gentlemen, including the MC crew.

Lady Wimbledon, MC KIE

And what a night it was. Whether guests were lounging in the glistening marquee or mingling MC KIE made sure his music brought everyone together where they danced late into the morning.

Beyond the dance floor lay a snowy entrance into our very own Winter Wonderland where a beautiful marquee sheltered guests from the frosty night that threatened to nip away at them.

In a rare moment Lady Wimbledon and the Eyes of Lady Wimbledon team including; Editorial Assistant Alice Bradley, wellness blogger Feel Good Flora, Lifestyle blogger Milena Lorusso and Deputy Editor Jennifer Freitas De Castro took a moment to pose for the camera. In complimenting colours of golds, sparkle and festive greens the ladies shone like stars from head to toe with glitter from Wish Upon A Sparkle and hair styled by the geniuses at Lulu Blonde in Wimbledon.

All were left enchanted by Danielle Sweeney’s magnificent selfie wall which drew the cameras in on more than one occasion…

Lady Wimbledon, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica, Sisley White, Caroline Cook, Merton Chamber of Commerce

Resident Food Editor Sisley White sparkled with beautiful silver reindeer antlers accompanied by Caroline Cook from Merton Chamber of Commerce.

Lady Wimbledon, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica, Grant Bickell, Karine Torr, Marja-Leena Toseland, Darling Magazine

One after another people took their place in front of the selfie wall to capture if only a moment of last nights spectacular events. Including Grant Bickell, Karine Torr from Darling Magazine, Marja-Leena Toseland among other guests.

Lady Wimbledon, Becca Gray, Wish Upon A Sparkle, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica, Dog & Fox, Youngs Pubs, Mikey The Macaw

Albeit without his wingman Mickey The Macaw, Nimal still looked the part accompanied by the Dog & Fox General Manager Ben North and Events Co-Ordinator Phillipa Tuaine stole a moment to pose with the birthday girl herself Lady Wimbledon.

Lady Wimbledon, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica, Bhavash Padhiar, Wimblederm, Jessica Harte, Wimbledon Visuals

Strangers became friends, and soon the whole house and marquee were abuzz with conversation. From the left-to-right; Bhavash Padhiar from Wimblederm, Jessica Harte professional Make-Up Artist, Malorey Torr and Taylor Torr.

Lady Wimbledon, Becca Gray, Wish Upon A Sparkle, Trafalgar Marquee, Mr Sparx, Partica, Alice Bradley, Matt Pulan, Fitness Space Wimbledon

The Eyes of Lady Wimbledon team also had their moment to shine as Assistant Editor Alice Bradley was photographed with guests including Health & Fitness Blogger Matt Pullan from Fitness Space Wimbledon.

As the night progressed guests were enticed inside to tickle their palettes with exquisite food made by the marvellous team with NC Supper Clubs. Canapes were aplenty as waiters floated in and around guests with offerings of Vol au vent with wild mushrooms and touches of tarragon and truffle.

For those wanting something a little more traditional the chefs prepared black pudding croquettes with a side of apple gel to accompany it and this wasn’t all.

There appeared to be endless trays of perfectly catered canapes which flowed seamlessly throughout the night.

NC Supper Clubs offer both the best excuse to organise private caterers and enjoy your party in the sound knowledge that your guests are thoroughly satisfied.

And for those with a sweet tooth Becks Bake brought an offering of a wondrous macaroon tower. The perfectly rounded macaroons teased us with colours of pearlescent white, silver, gold, mint green, and black.

New relationships were formed on this magic night as guest found yet another reason to smile and laugh with one another. Musharaf Ashraf, owner of New Life Aesthetics and Nicola Achilleas.

Lady Wimbledon, Mr Sparx, Partica, NC Supper Clubs, New York Cake Co, Alice Bradley

Old friends also embraced each other such as Editorial Assistant Alice Bradley and Theresa from New York Cake Co.

Lady Wimbledon, Pines & Needles, Partica, Mr Sparx, Thomas Kirby, MC KIE, NC Supper Clubs, Panos Bardas London

The man of the hour Steve also known as Mr Sparx was accompanied his fellow Lumiere Sean, Thomas Kirby and Panos Bardas London.

Lady Wimbledon, Wimbledon Brewery, Nicola Achilleas, Trafalgar Marquee, Partica, Mr Sparx, Wish Upon A Sparkle

Lady Wimbledon took a moment to thank everyone for attending and making her birthday special including Mark Gordon, founder of Wimbledon Brewery.

From our home to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(In association with the brands/companies mentioned in this blog post)

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