Beauty Hacks For The Time Poor

Beauty Hacks For The Time Poor

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 8 April 2019 | Beauty, Magazine

Beauty Blogger Arif Isikgun has three top tips to look great every day for those of us who are time poor.

Where does the time go? We wake up in the mornings, drop the kids off to school, run a few errands, blink and it’s time for bed!

As our world gets crazier and our schedule busier, we must find the time for ourself, be it a small pamper or a quick 1 minute make up application. Life is for living and we have a tendency to forgot about ourselves when we worry about everything else.

I have three failsafe ways of looking great everyday to fit with your busy life style. Here they are…

Tinted Moisturiser & BB Creams For Glowing Skin

Tinted Moisturiser and BB creams have gone through somewhat of an evolution. They not only deliver ‘good for you’ ingredients, that have surpassed most foundations, but also give protection that can be applied easily. When choosing a Tinted Moisturiser or BB cream, texture and finish are key. Be aware that these will only give light coverage but will make your skin bounce and glow, masking any subtle redness or dull looking skin. Apply directly after face cream in the morning, using fingers to blend, and there you have it. Easy.

Brown Eyeliner For Wide Awake Eyes

Eyeliner is notorious for being difficult to work with. If you are no good at applying it to the top lash line or make a mess of the bottom, then change the colour and texture. A brown eyeliner is far more forgiving; go for a waterproof pencil or crayon type and apply under the top lash line. This does take a little practice but when mastered it will give the eyes a more sultry and structured look right at the root. What’s more you can’t make a mistake!

Lip Liner For A Bigger, More Youthful Pout

Perhaps one of the most forgotten about beauty products is the humble lip liner. Lip liner seems to be – in most people’s minds – reminiscent of days gone by or ‘grandmas’ era. If used correctly lip liner can enhance the lips and give you a bigger and more youthful pout. Opt for a natural colour similar to your natural lip tone. Line the lips or directly just above the lateral lip line to add additional volume. After this step simply fill in the lips lightly with the lip liner colour, this doesn’t have to be neat or accurate, blend with your finger and add any balm of your choice, and voila great looking lips in 20 seconds! No need for fiddly lipstick.

Showcasing the best of you is easy, just give your self a minute to follow these three simple steps and you can achieve some great results.

Written by Arif Isikgun

Founder and CEO of AiBeauty Consultancy
Arif Isikgun
About The Author

Arif Isikgun

Make-up maestro Arif has wielded his bronzing brushes as a training adviser for the world's biggest beauty brands, and now offers private independent consultations for clients.

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