How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 15 November 2019 | Home & Garden

Prepare your home for guests visiting over Christmas with these top tips from award-winning Wimbledon builder Kisiel Group

Halloween and Fireworks Night are over and now is the time to focus on Christmas. Shopping for gifts is all-consuming at this time of the year but have you thought about your plans for having family and friends to stay with you over the Christmas festivities? There’s not long to sort out your guest accommodation for 25th December.

If you are only just beginning to think about that extra room in the attic or in a two storey extension, then our local multi award-winning Wimbledon builder can help you to create the extra space you need, but it is too late to get your new designs ready and built for Christmas 2019.

With only a few weeks to sort out the guest accommodation for this year, Kisiel Group have a few tips to help you achieve somewhere welcoming and comfortable in the meantime.

Kisiel Group renovation for guest bedroom in a large renovation project. | Photo: Earthy Photography Ltd

1. First Impressions

You are welcoming someone into your home which is a very personal space. You are not providing overnight accommodation in a hotel, so think carefully about the style that you want in your guest room.

Styles can vary widely – anything from traditional to modern or period to country – but let it be in the same style as the other rooms in your home. Colour choice can hugely influence the first impression on walking into a room, with softer and lighter tones making a room feel more spacious. From comfy browns through sunny yellows to seaside marine blues – whatever colour you choose – what will give your room that great first impression is the personal things that you add to the décor such as a statement headboard, paintings, or a few quirky items you have collected over the years.

Refurbishment of an apartment by Wimbledon builder. | Photo: courtesy of Katie Hastings

2. A Welcoming Space

If you were visiting a family member or a friend, you would like the room you are staying in to be crisp, clean and inviting.

The most important part of a guest bedroom is, not unsurprisingly, the bed. A good mattress is essential, but you also need to give careful consideration to your selection of bedding. In today’s world of allergies, not everyone can snuggle happily under a duck feather duvet. It is worth checking for any allergies in advance or provide a selection of options.

A comfortable bed with different pillow types – and some spares – and plenty of additional covers and throws will ensure the right level of comfort and a good night’s sleep at just the right temperature.

Bespoke wardrobe in this Kisiel Group refurbishment. | Photo: Earthy Photography Ltd

3. Settling In

No one really likes to live out of a suitcase especially if they are staying for more than one night, so providing somewhere to hang those glamorous party dresses and smart suits is critical. Create some hanging space in your wardrobe and allow enough hangers (4 – 5 per person is not a bad number) and remember to have available different hanger types for different clothes – coats, trousers, long dresses etc…

Clear out a few drawers in a dressing table or chest of drawers to allow for smaller items to be safely placed out of sight creating a clutter free environment. And don’t forget, once unpacked, is there some storage for the suitcase or suit carrier!

En-suite bathroom in a Kisiel Group full home refurbishment. | Photo: Simon Callaghan

4. An En-Suite Bathroom

If your guest room has an ensuite bathroom, then you are offering your guests the ultimate privacy. Not having to wait for other people to finish in the main bathroom is truly luxurious when you are staying away from home and it allows your guests to surface when they are ready in the morning.

Add a few items such as fluffy white towels, some inspiring smelling individual soaps and an invigorating shower gel and you are pampering your guests. Just be careful, they might not want to leave!

Designers touch in Kisiel Group refurbishment. | Photo: courtesy of Katie Hastings

5. Anticipating Your Guest’s Needs

When getting ready for the festivities, a small dressing table can create an ideal space for make-up and hair styling. A hair dryer can also be a welcome item. If you are able to provide a full-length mirror, then your guests can check that they look the part before dancing out of the room to join the party.

It is rare today for anyone not to have a mobile phone or an iPad, so do set up a charging point for them, preferably close to the bedside table. A small note to give your Wi-Fi password will enable everyone to stay connected. A few magazines and a couple of books also on the bedside table together with a good reading light will suit those who like to read for a short time before turning the lights out.

A quiet reading corner in this major refurbishment project by Kisiel Group. | Photo: Earthy Photography Ltd

6. Entertaining Space

Alternatively, why not create a reading corner for those moments when your guests wish to retire from the bustle of the Christmas festivities or if they want to make a call to family or friends who can’t be with you on Christmas Day.

There is probably little need for a TV in a guest room as they have come to see you rather than watch TV shows in their room. However, if you do have a TV make sure that the controls are to hand and you leave some simple instructions. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to work the technology!

A refurbishment by Wimbledon builder. | Photo: Gwen Shabka

7. Final Touches

A few final points to consider: always make sure you add a bit of glamour to brighten the room, a soft rug beside the bed makes a lovely toe-stopping moment at the start of the day.

Say ‘welcome’ with some fresh flowers in a vase or pot bringing some of the outside inside. Or, as it is Christmas try adding some festive touches to keep the guests in the spirit of Christmas.

Finally, do you want to make sure you have thought of everything – try sleeping in the room yourself before you invite someone to stay and you will soon discover if you have forgotten anything.

If these tips have inspired you to create a new guest room in your home, you can speak to one of the Kisiel Group team so that they can bring their award winning talents to help you create that welcoming guest accommodation ready for 2020.


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