Wimbledon Fruits Delivered To Your Door

Wimbledon Fruits Delivered To Your Door

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 30 June 2020 | Community Spirit, Food & Drink

Celebrate what would have been The Championships, Wimbledon 2020 with the finest in-season fruits, picked from the market and delivered to your home by Closy Market.

Closy Market select the best fresh fruit from the local market in the morning and deliver to customers homes on the same day. Here are their best selling summer fruits…


Wimbledon is synonymous with strawberries. Traditionally, Wimbledon-goers get through around 2 million individual berries topped with 7,000 litres of cream each year! The fruit has been served at Wimbledon since the first tournament in 1877.

British strawberries are ripe and juicy and are currently in-season. The definitive taste of the summer.

Order strawberries here >. Two punnets serve six people.


This year, the cherries are exceptionally nice because of the warm spring weather we had. At the moment, the best cherries are coming from Spain.

Super fresh and juicy, Closy Market’s huge boxes of cherries are beautiful and very tempting.

Order cherries here >. One box is 2kg of cherries and would serve a family for a couple of days.


Tempt your family with healthy snacks. Once you try fresh fruits from the local market, nothing else compares to the exotic rainbow hues and sweet scent.

Closy Market’s fruit boxes are filled with the most divine fruits. Your fruit bowl will never have looked happier and healthier!

Order fruit boxes here >. Choose from small, medium or large fruit boxes, or custom make your very own by selecting individual fruits from Closy’s online shop and they will place them in a box for you.


Closy Market is an online delivery service providing the very best of fresh produce which is locally sourced in conjunction with some of London’s well known markets including, Borough Market, Smithfield’s Market as well as providers who have previously been providing top quality food to some of London best restaurants.

Read more about Closy Market here >.


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