Wimbledon Tennis Parties

Wimbledon Tennis Parties

This summer will look different without The Championships, Wimbledon 2020 and our annual tennis parties, but we can remind you of all the fun we have had over the last couple of years.

Please enjoy our tennis party albums and feel free to save and share the photos you like best.

We can’t wait for our Lady Wimbledon reunion party… Watch this space: @LadyWimbledon’s Twitter and @EyesOfLadyWimbledon’s Instagram.

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Take a look at Lady Wimbledon’s annual Wimbledon tennis parties, 2017 to 2019…

The Wimbledon Tennis Party 2019 at Hotel du Vin

View photos here > and here >

The Wimbledon Village Tennis Party 2019 at Dog & Fox

View photos here >

Lady Wimbledon Tennis Party 2018 at Hotel du Vin

View photos here >

Wimbledon Fever Party 2018 at Fire Stables

View photos here >


The Wimbledon Tennis Party 2017 at Hotel du Vin

View photos here >

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