Nerd Alert: Special Gifts to Give to Your Geeky Friend

Nerd Alert: Special Gifts to Give to Your Geeky Friend

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 16 September 2020 | Press

With the holiday season (which means gift-giving season!) approaching, it’s high time that you begin the process of selecting and sourcing the perfect gift for your dear ones.

The interesting thing about friends is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. And this time around, we have decided to help you figure out the best gifts for the “nerd” friends in your life. To give you a heads up, it’s not limited to just your friends, it can be your partner, parent, sibling, or anyone in your life who is a massive nerd. Let’s get started.

Gifts For Nerds

Anyone who is a nerd has a special trait in their personality. They get extremely passionate about their likings and develop a tunnel vision towards certain things. For gift givers, it’s actually an advantage. You know that anything related to their interest will impress them.

If you don’t know what they are into, it’s definitely time to start paying attention to thinking of something along the lines of their fandoms.

The first option is to give them a gift that’s related to their favorite activity. For gamers, it’s always an easy pick. Just buy them a set of games or their favorite gaming accessories. A gaming console is a fantastic choice too.

The next best option is to give them something that is useful in their everyday life. For tech-savvy nerd friends and family members, surprising them with a gadget holder, or accessories such as headphones, or portable chargers are superb gifts for your geeky friend.

In the following section, we have thought of categories that most nerds are obsessed with.

1.  Potterheads

Potterheads are Harry Potter fans, and they are in every household! They are obsessed with the book series and probably live in a parallel Harry Potter universe (in their heads).

When you are picking gifts for a friend who you know is in love with the idea of Hogwarts, you have a world of options. This could be tricky as well. Usually, Potterheads are collectors of all things Harry Potter – from t-shirts, games, books, magazines, mugs, and other merchandise products.

How about you think outside the box, and get them a Harry Potter-themed gift that’s customized, perhaps with their name engraved on it? Give them a chessboard with the Hogwarts logo imprinted on it, or something along those lines. If your budget permits, think of all the cool Harry Potter gift items, throw them into a hamper, and voila! The best gift giver of the year award is surely yours!

2.  Bookworms

We personally feel selecting presents for bookworms is relatively easy and breezy, similar to film buffs. Yes, chances are they that are on top of it, and probably already own all the greatest books in the world.

Now, if you are clever about it, you can still impress them. How about inviting them to a book reading session, or taking them to a theatrical rendition of their favorite book?

Another great idea is to give them customized items, such as coffee mugs, pens, and bookmarks with their favorite quotes or lines from books they have read over and over again. These are all practical gifts that every bookworm will love.

3.  Marvelites

And this one is for the die-hard Marvel fans. Did you know that there are Marvel sound effects machines up for grabs for Marvelites? There are buttons for signature character sounds, such as a HULK SMASH, etc. Cool, right?

You can buy them costumes, headpieces of their favorite superheroes, and other merchandise that they don’t already own. And if nothing seems to satisfy you, just throw your friend a Marvel-themed party. Parties never fail to impress!

4.  Padawans

Alert – if you have a Star Wars fan friend. There are so many options to choose from, which is lucky for you. A true fan is likely to own a lightsaber, but if not, it’s probably the best gift you can gift to a padawan. But if they don’t, consider giving them an interesting item that features their favorite character. Don’t worry, you’ll find heaps of options both online and at physical stores.

5.  Space Lovers

This is for your geek friend who is obsessed with all this outer space; someone who, for instance, is a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek or just science fiction in general. You could give them an LED light that can turn their entire room into a galaxy. They’ll thank you for the stargazing experience.

Or simply take them to the planetarium for the umpteenth time! We know they never get bored of it. There are mini portable planetariums that you can also buy, which include a projector with all twelve constellations.

Think Beyond

Just because they have a certain personality or trait that makes them your “nerd” friend does not necessarily mean that they should only be given gifts that cater to these particular interests. Why not discover a different side to them?

Give them an opportunity to expand their world; instead of pandering to their interests, help them expand their horizons. How about you take them out for a one-on-one best mate date?

If you’re completely lost about giving your geeky friend a gift, ask their family members, or other friends who may know about their latest obsession or something else that can help you think of something really unique.

Finally …

Before you decide on what to buy, have a clear idea of how much money you are willing to spend. It just makes the entire process so much easier. A budget will help you to narrow down your options.

Note that there are many other options, so there’s no reason to feel obliged to pick gifts from this list. If your friend is not obsessed with any of these categories, think and look harder to find out what they genuinely take interest in.

Lastly, remember that nerds are very particular and picky about things they use, even when they are gifts. So, take your time to pick gifts so that your time, money, and effort are worth it. Good luck.



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