Making Your Small London Home Feel More Spacious: 6 Unique Ideas

Making Your Small London Home Feel More Spacious: 6 Unique Ideas

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 January 2022 | Home & Garden

Space in London, like in most central capitals, comes at a premium. The fact that you’re located in one of the best cities in the world largely makes up for it but living in a small space can feel restrictive no matter where you are. Unless you can build up or have a little bit of free space to build out, you will need to get creative and learn a few interior decor principles that will allow you to make your space feel bigger. Here are a few tips that will help your small London home feel more spacious.

Use Light Colours

A lot of people don’t know this, but lighter colours can make a room feel much bigger because they reflect light. Striking, dark colours, on the other hand, absorb light and make the walls look like they’re receding. So, if you want to open a room, use monochromatic schemes of greys, creams, whites, and yellows for their ability to bounce light.

Choose the Right Kind of Furniture

One of the things you need to know about creating space is that it’s all about creating the illusion of openness and movement. This is why you need to be very careful with the type of furniture you use in small rooms.

Try to go with small furniture with legs instead of blocky furniture. Instead of having a heavy solid bookshelf, try to go with something lighter like wire shelving. This will let the light shine through and allow you to have a clear view of the whole room. Or you could have a cube rack installed on your wall. This is something that you could have done on the cheap by hiring a local handyman. If you want to know where to find great handymen in London, you can check out

Dining rooms in small homes tend to be very small, but the furniture you choose here can make a world of difference. If you want to make the dining room feel bigger, go for a light table with leggy chairs. All of this will make the space look airier and more spacious.

Forget Heavy Fabrics

We know that heavy fabrics can make any room feel cosier, but it’s not the best option if you want to make it look spacious. A large part of creating space is about tricking the eye, and heavy drapes that block windows prevent you from taking in the outside view.

Anything that you add to the furniture will take up visual space and make the room seem smaller too. So, try to be as minimalist as you can and forget pillows, heavy blankets, and even rugs. For windows, try to go with lightweight cloth or mesh blinds, or shutters.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

If you want a quick and easy way to clear clutter, then use that wall space and tuck a nice floor-to-ceiling shelf in a corner. Not only will it make the space look more luxurious, but you’ll be able to use it to stack items that should be taking up visual space. They can also draw the eyes upward and make the ceilings look higher. These kinds of shelves work better in bedrooms but can also work in living rooms and even kitchens.

Emphasise Horizontal or Vertical Shapes

One of the reasons why floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are so great at making a room bigger is that they accentuate its vertical shape. But that’s not the only way that you can do that.

Using vertical slats for walls will not only give a room a modern, yet rustic look, but they will also make the ceilings appear higher. Long vertical legs on furniture can also work, and stools will make a room look bigger than regular chairs because of the long legs and because they allow you to see more of the space. So, try to find ways to add long, vertical elements to a room. This can be anything from tall plants to thin, hanging light fixtures.

You can also emphasise horizontal shapes if you want to make a room feel wider. You can turn to slats sideways and make sure that the pattern is consistent around the room. Again, it is all about creating movement and anything that will make your eyes move in one direction consistently will make a room look more spacious.

Create Pathways

The natural reflex for most people when they decorate rooms is to work from the centre out. But sometimes, it’s better to push central pieces of furniture like dining tables more to the side to create pathways. Placing it in the centre of a room, especially if it’s small, will only add to the claustrophobic feel, so don’t be afraid of asymmetry if what you want is space.

These are all tips that will allow you to maximise space in your house and give the impression of it being bigger than it actually is. Try to follow as many of those tips as possible and keep learning new tricks to make your space even better.


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