Brunch at Browns

Brunch at Browns

Posted by Sooz | 6 April 2022 | Food & Drink, Guide to Wimbledon

If you’ve been keeping up with the @eyesofladywimbledon Instagram this week, you will have been as curious as the rest of us when our local Lady W was spotted outside of SW19, strolling along Kingston Riverside…

What tempted our local icon to spread her wings? Swans and smoothies by the river courtesy of the gorgeous Browns, Kingston.

Making the most of the unexpected Sunshine this week, Lady Wimbledon and I readied ourselves for adventure and made the 18 minute expedition to explore the famously scenic water front and enjoy brunch in the utterly tempting brasserie.

Led by my excellent decision making skills, Lady Wimbledon enjoyed the full vegetarian breakfast with a classic sooz-esque side of bacon. Meanwhile, I went luxy luncheon with lobster eggs benny. Whilst any dish doused in décédant hollandaise might not be the most aesthetic, I can give you my word that lobster was phenomenally flavoursome, and for a very reasonable price point, absolutely has my recommendation.

Three dreamy ‘B’ cappuccinos layer, we decided on a couple of fruity smoothies to satisfy our sweet teeth. The strawberry, raspberry and blackberry is my new Browns brunch essential.

Our leisurely morning finished with a little swan socialising, planning our summer by the riverside, and whisking Lady W back to Wimbledon Village before the clock struck midday.

Browns Kingston Riverside brunch menu is served Monday-Sunday 10am-12pm, with Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner menus to follow.


Instagram: @brownsbrasserie

Facebook: @BrownsBrasserieKingston 



Written By: Sooz Chef | Food & Drink Editor 

Instagram: @sooz.chef

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Sooz is an avid foodventurer, home baker, and ambassador for all things delicious. She takes her foodsplorations seriously and has a reputation for discovering the very best that the south west foodie scene has to offer. Follow Sooz on Instagram: @sooz.chef

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