Artisan Eating with Trubel

Artisan Eating with Trubel

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 22 July 2022 | Food & Drink

Make your food that extra bit better with Trubel’s truffle products.

Trubel was created by Hassibo, who has been fascinated by truffles since his childhood where he learnt about the ancient myth that truffles only grew where lightening had struck. Since his childhood he has spent as much time as he could searching for truffles with the local hunters in France and Italy.

The frill of a truffle hunt and aroma and flavours of the fresh black and white truffles fueled his obsession that quickly made him leave his corporate career to focus on truffles.

Hassibo has since taken his fresh truffles to the best chefs in the world such as Wolfgang Puck, who have all be amazed by the smell, freshness and exceptional quality and have since been using them in their Michelin-starred restaurants.

Trubel are meticulous about the sourcing of the truffles, whilst being strict about the traceability and provenance. Hassibo works hand-in-hand with small producers and truffle hunters to make sure he acquires the best and most flavourful fresh truffles and that they are paid a fair price.

These top quality truffles are not only available in the Michelin starred restaurants, but also for the use of anyone. With products ranging from their Natural White Truffle Butter to their Black Truffle Paste, White Truffle Maple Syrup and White Truffle Acacia Honey, you can incorporate their products into anything and everything.

Written By: Lydia Ray | Content Creator 

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