How Big Families Can Reduce Their London-Living Expenses

How Big Families Can Reduce Their London-Living Expenses

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 5 January 2023 | Out & About

One of the most prominent travel destinations worldwide, London attracts all kinds of people and families to its vast history, culture, and even better good times. However, although everyone dreams of moving to the city, once you get there, it could be less dream-like than you initially expected.

London currently sits fourth on the list of the most expensive cities in the world, so when you first move, you and your family might be shocked at the jump in expenses. However, living comfortably in London, even with a large family, is possible, so long as you’re strict with your budgeting.

Yet, knowing where to start when you’re a fresh-faced Londoner can be tricky. Therefore, we’ve created this article outlining tips and tricks for reducing your family’s London-living expenses – so that you can enjoy living in the Big Smoke and appreciate your free time.

From choosing a cost-effective transportation method to taking the kids on cheap days out, there are many ways that families can reduce the cost of living in London. We outline some of the best practices below:

Choose A Cost-Effective Transportation Method

When it comes to getting around, a city is one of the best places to live. From lift-share applications like Uber, taxis, and bicycles to public transportation methods like the London Underground, there are many transport options in London.

However, when you have a large family, transport becomes increasingly trickier. Let’s face it; piling a large family onto a bus can be done, but we can’t say it’s the most relaxing transport method for either of you. And getting a taxi? Forget about it!

Though only a few people in London have a car (because why would you?), those with larger families might have no other option than to get a little run-around. Cars can be one of the costliest outgoings for families, but you could consider getting around this by leasing a family car.

Leasing a family car can benefit you from reduced maintenance costs, lower monthly payments, newer vehicles, and more. Consider learning the basics for leasing an electric car using guides and other resources from LV ElectriX, where you can learn everything about electric vehicles in one place.

From how to find a great lease deal to learning the ins and outs of electric motors, consider visiting their website today to get started and see how their resources could help you decide whether an electric car would suit your family’s London lifestyle.

Take Your Kids On Wallet-Friendly Days Out

 Undoubtedly one of the best things about living or visiting London is the vast range of activities families can participate in. From attending one of the many West End Shows dotted around the city to seeing one of London’s famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London etc.  – there is something for everyone to do in London.

Yet, these popular tourist destinations can quickly burn a hole in your wallet if you’re visiting a new one each week, which is why you might want to consider wallet-friendly days out and keeping the expensive attractions to a minimum.

Fortunately, there are loads of free attractions for families in London, like the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, Richmond Park, watching the Changing the Guard ceremony outside of Buckingham Palace, and many more! Mixing some wallet-friendly activities with more-expensive ones means you can budget without sacrificing entertainment – which is a handy trick to learn when living in London!

Eating Out

Another appeal of living in a large city is the plethora of restaurants to dine at and take away from. Wagamama’s, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Five Guys, and McDonald’s – London is filled with some of your most-loved dining establishments and independent ones! Due to this temptation being all around, it can be challenging to curb the urge to eat out each night or order something in.

However, as tempting as ordering in or grabbing a takeaway each night can be, it is much more expensive in the long run. So, for the foodies of the family, it is essential that you reserve takeaway or dining-out nights for when you have a special discount.

Try and plan when you want to dine out or order some food in, as this will allow you to look online for special discounts using sites like Groupon or Voucher Codes, which can give you incredible deals when you least expect it. Doing so will ensure that you and your family get the best price possible while still enjoying a meal out or meal in from time to time.

Reduce Your Phone Bill

 Next to your car and food shopping, one of your next highest monthly outgoings will be your mobile phones. Fortunately, there are many ways to lower your monthly phone bill, from switching to a cheaper provider, using Wi-Fi instead of data, limiting your background data, signing up for automated payments, and much more. Doing so will enable you to put the extra money you save back into your household and use it for more pressing matters.


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