Why is Tenerife so popular for family holidays?

Why is Tenerife so popular for family holidays?

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 July 2023 | Travel

Planning a last-minute family holiday to escape the worst of the weather at home? You’re not the only one. With heavy rainfall in almost every part of the country quashing summertime morale, last-minute holiday bookings are on the rise.

If you’ve got a budget that stretches beyond a staycation, you might be weighing up your options. And when it comes to family-friendly holiday destinations that offer a safe haven for the kids alongside idyllic respite for the parents, it’s hard to beat Tenerife. Here’s why.

Where is Tenerife?

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago and autonomous community just off the coast of Morocco. There are eight main islands in total in the Canaries, but the most popular choices for families include Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and of course Tenerife.

Tenerife tops the list for many holidaymakers thanks to its incredible natural diversity and cultural delights too. From rugged volcanoes atop quaint rural villages to sandy strips on bustling party towns, there’s something for everyone on this wonderful island.

Why is Tenerife so good for a holiday?

  • Comfortable climate, all year round

Tenerife boasts a warm subtropical climate that never feels too hot thanks to the ever-present gentle breeze. Residents here are also blessed with approximately 3,000 hours of sunlight per year and minimal rainfall.

A trip to this warm and welcoming island presents visitors with the opportunity to enjoy spring sunshine at any time of the year – so during a rainy British summer, Tenerife makes a perfect getaway. The Canary Islands have recently been listed as one of the best winter holiday destinations, promising warm winter sun and breathtaking natural highlights.

  • Beautiful beaches

Like the surrounding Canary Islands, Tenerife sits on fertile volcanic soil and sand. It’s known for its dark sandy beaches, but tourists still flock to southerly parts of the island to experience the imported golden sandy beaches too.

Whether you head to the north or the south of the island, the beaches are spectacular in Tenerife. A couple of firm favourites include:

  • Playa Las Vistas and Playa Torviscas, known for their soft, golden sands
  • Playa de la Arena and Playa el Bullullo, which both offer pristine examples of the dark natural sand typical of Tenerife
  • Family-friendly facilities

Despite being known for its natural beauty, majestic volcanoes and rich local culture, Tenerife makes an exceptional destination for families looking for wholesome fun.

From spending long, sun-soaked days at water parks with twisty, colourful slides to visiting unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Mount Teide National Park, Tenerife is brimming with opportunities for the whole family to explore and discover.

  • Abundant wildlife

In entertainment spaces and in the sea too, wildlife is diverse and plentiful in and around Tenerife. The island is famed for being a popular destination for whale, dolphin, and porpoise spotting. On a day trip by boat, you could even get the opportunity to see more than one type of wild animal.

If you have the kids on holiday with you, the idea of a boat trip might not be best suited. Luckily, your children can still see and encounter the amazing animals in Tenerife by visiting one of the award-winning zoos, aquariums, or wildlife centres on the island. You can choose between:

  • Loro Park, voted the best modern zoo in the world
  • Jungle Park, a botanical and zoological park near Los Cristianos beach
  • Monkey Park, great for close-up encounters
  • Acuario, a family-friendly aquarium with a glass tunnel
  • AquaVivo, perfect for children with sensory needs


  • Delicious local cuisine

The local cuisine in Tenerife is little known compared to the internationally renowned dishes from mainland Spain and other European food capitals like Italy. However, experts are quickly coming round to the array of hidden delights behind the main cultural sites and attractions in Tenerife.

Away from the busiest cities and resorts – where restaurants and their menus often cater to the fussiest eaters visiting the island – you’ll find local expertise, delicacies, and family recipes. The internationally influenced gastronomy of Tenerife spans from Asian-fusion creations to traditional island dishes like fresh fish fillets or toasted corn and chickpeas.

  • Convenient access and transport

If you’re choosing an all-inclusive resort for your holiday or you’ve booked through a company, you won’t need to stress about the logistical details. Most UK airports offer direct flights to the island, and you’ll just need to book a Tenerife Airport transfer that suits your plans for your Canary Islands adventure.

For those eager to travel and explore the island on holiday, the best means of transport in Tenerife is by car. If you feel confident enough to hire and drive your own vehicle, try to book in advance and familiarise yourself with a few local routes and day trips before you leave the UK.


Tenerife is a brilliant location for children and adults alike. Marvellous opportunities for activities, relaxation, fine dining and partying surround almost every town on the island – and it’s just as easy t find your way around, too. Transfers from the UK are quick and simple, helping Tenerife hold its reputation as a formidable holiday destination.

And lastly, any foodie would be surprised and delighted by the cuisine on offer in Tenerife – you just might need to travel further off the beaten path to find it.

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