What are the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean?

What are the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean?

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 23 August 2023 | Travel

Are you dreaming of sun, sea and sand? Sounds like it’s time for your next sailing adventure. Having the freedom to explore by water and drop anchor wherever you please is such a freeing experience.

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular sailing locations in the world, with a wide range of destinations to choose from. Before setting sail, make sure to carry out suitable maintenance checks, and you may also want to check that your yacht insurance policy is up to date. Once you’re all set, here are some of the best sailing spots to explore in the region.

Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the main islands that make up the mesmerising Balearic archipelago off the east coast of Spain. They offer spectacular sailing waters, as well as incredible activities on land.

Mallorca and Menorca are more family-oriented if you’re bringing kids, while Ibiza has one of the most famous nightlife scenes in Europe. Enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters and white sand from on or off the deck.

French Riviera

Sail through the waters of the French Riviera – or the Côte d’Azur, as known locally – for a taste of luxury living. It’s a hotspot for the rich and famous, so you’re more than likely to see superyachts moored in exclusive marinas and bays along the coast.

Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez and the city-state of Monaco are about as high-end as destinations come in the Mediterranean. However, between these iconic coastal locations, you’ll find charming fishing villages, stunning chateaus and gorgeous beaches.

Sardinia, Italy

Home to the famous Emerald Coast, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. It’s got plenty to offer on land as well as on the water, including ancient monuments, the medieval city of Cagliari, rugged coastlines and sheltered mooring locations around the island. Meanwhile, the Maddalena islands here are a protected archipelago with untouched wilderness and waters, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Croatia offers its own little slice of heaven on the Dalmatian Coast. It’s a sailor’s paradise with over 1,000 islands to explore and moor around. Hvar, Vis and Korčula are well-known in the Adriatic Sea, offering a fascinating balance of natural beauty, historical ports and vibrant nightlife. But there’s plenty more to experience if you want to steer away from the crowded spots.

Corsica, France

Off the south-east coast of France is the island of Corsica. The fourth-largest in the Mediterranean, it’s a landmass best explored by boat because of all its isolated beaches and coves. You’ll notice a charming combination of French and Italian influences, with incredible food, large swathes of unspoilt scenery and plenty of marine life to enjoy from your yacht or in the water.


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