Amelia Mist Halloween Q/A

Amelia Mist Halloween Q/A

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 26 September 2023 | In Conversation With

Celebrity Journalist Angela Sara West chats exclusively with the ‘planet-passionate’, ‘vegan-friendly’ and spooked-out reality TV ‘Made In Chelsea’ star Amelia Mis, about all things Halloween!

Images by Angela’s Celebrity Photographer Earl (Stephen Santos) Follow: @wackpaper17photographer

What do you love most about Halloween?

Do you know that I actually don’t like Halloween because I’m such a wimp! But I do enjoy getting dressed up and enjoying events on certain occasionssuch as Halloween, Christmas and so on, as everybody comes together and dresses up to the best of their ability… some more than others!!

What spooks you?

Everything, pretty much! I am petrified of most Halloweenrelated things because I am a wimp, as I said… Ha Ha! However, I feel after going to the Fright Night event the other day I have conquered my fear of being made to ‘jump’. Just make sure you have a glass of wine beforehand it makes everything smoother!!

Your fave spooky characters?

I actually can’t tell you any because I am unable to watch anything spooky…


Your childhood memories of Halloween?

When I was a lot younger, my parents and I had lots of parties with all of my friends. I remember my dad used to dress up in something long and black and cover his head and grab one of the palm trees leaves, stick it in his collar and make us jump. And we went trick-or-treating around the crescent

What will you be up to for Halloween 2023?

This Halloween, I am celebrating at starlet Lady Wimbledons Boo Bash with lots of amazing friends. I can’t wait!

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Written by Celebrity Journalist: Angela Sara West

Follow: @angela_sara_west

Amelia Mist  – @ameliamist

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