ThinK; Low calorie & low sugar Prosecco

ThinK; Low calorie & low sugar Prosecco

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 20 October 2023 | Food & Drink

Who is Think?

Katherine Jones, creator of ThinK, spent two years developing a low-calorie, low-sugar Prosecco and Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rosé without compromising on taste. Fueled by a personal journey battling sugar, she crafted a palatable, healthier alternative.ThinK Wine Group, a UK-based, multi-award-winning company, offers these wines made in Italy from the finest Treviso grapes. They’re designed for quality and taste while being 100% vegan/organic, low in sulfites, and sustainably operated. As of March 2023, ThinK Wine Group is a certified B-Corporation, proud to serve health-conscious sparkling wine enthusiasts.

Why is ThinK perfect for parties?

ThinK Wine is the ideal choice for parties because it offers a unique blend of health-consciousness, great taste, and ethical values. Katherine, the visionary behind ThinK, conceived her innovative idea while attending numerous launch parties and events. Her inspiration stemmed from a desire to enjoy the social aspect of these occasions without the burden of guilt associated with indulgent drinking.This makes it perfect for guests who want to enjoy wine, without the guilt of excessive calories and sugar. Additionally, ThinK Wine is vegan, organic, and low in sulfites, appealing to a diverse array of dietary preferences and sensitivities.

What sets ThinK Wine apart is its commitment to sustainability, reflected in its eco-friendly practices and the certification as a B-Corporation. This resonates with environmentally conscious partygoers, making it a statement of your dedication to responsible consumption. Furthermore, ThinK Wine is crafted from the finest Treviso grapes in Italy, underlining its commitment to quality. In summary, ThinK Wine combines taste, health-consciousness, and ethical values, making it a perfect choice to elevate the party experience for a diverse group of guests.

Also – who doesn’t want to pop a bottle of premium bubbly at a party! Popping a cork is our favourite sound here at ThinK Wine.

How to order

To conclude, if you’re ready to experience the exceptional qualities of ThinK Wine at your next gathering or simply want to savor its delights, don’t hesitate – visit our website at to place your order today! If you’re planning to order for a venue or event, our dedicated contact, Bella, is here to assist you. Reach out to her at, and she’ll guide you through the process seamlessly. Cheers to a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable wine experience with ThinK Wine!

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