Is Tenniscore the Latest Fashion Craze?

Is Tenniscore the Latest Fashion Craze?

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 20 May 2024 | Style & Beauty

Here Are Essential Accessories to Channel the Look.


Fashion trends are ever-evolving, but one of the hottest trends lately has people sporting Wimbledon chic. ‘Tenniscore’ is setting up to be a hot fashion craze, putting a fashion-forward spin on typical tennis attire and accessories outside the court. The trend didn’t come from nowhere, however. One of the main reasons this aesthetic has been catching attention is thanks to the buzz around the film Challengers, directed by Luca Gudagnino, which touches on whirlwind romances combined with the thrill and intimacy of tennis. Hollywood darling Zendaya plays a lead role, and her styling for the movie’s press tour has inspired all sorts of ideas for sporty-meets-luxury, tennis-inspired getups. But beyond cute tennis skirts and crisp collared tops, a great way to channel this aesthetic is through accessories. Here are some of the essential pieces to help you rock tenniscore:



Sunglasses are a tennis staple, especially for spectators who often take advantage of prestigious tennis tournaments to show off their style. Not only do they make a fashion statement, they’re essential for protecting the eyes against harsh UV rays. If you need vision correction, prescription sunglasses can allow you to get all the fashionable and protective benefits of shades without compromising your vision, which is crucial for watching a match or just a regular day out. Anything goes for tenniscore shades styles, but nothing beats a versatile style that’s not too avant-garde; you can sport a timeless pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses or go vintage with the Clubmaster model. You can also take cues from Zendaya’s Challengers character, Tashi Duncan, and rock a classic round, horn-rimmed shape for a quiet luxury take on the tenniscore look. Her shades in the poster and in the movie are the Persol PO3287S model, giving her a sophisticated yet fierce vibe as she watches the main match from the front row.

Bracelets and watches


Wristwear is an easy and effective way to jazz up a tenniscore outfit. They’re the perfect accessories if you want to incorporate the more luxurious aspects of the style rather than the more sporty or active side. You can channel the aesthetic with a tennis bracelet, which got its name when tennis legend Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet mid-play during the 1987 US Open. These simple yet stunning pieces of jewellery are eye-catching despite their daintiness. It’s no wonder they’ve been spotted on the wrists of A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift, who wore a Wove bracelet designed by Michelle Wie West. Watches are another wristwear option, often seen on tennis players like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, to add functionality and fashion to their tennis attire. They can instantly elevate your style, creating sophisticated cohesion while reflecting it.

Visors and bucket hats


A tenniscore outfit can be tied together with the right hat. It’s another practical piece that players or audience members wear to shield them from the sun, but it can also bring a cool and casual vibe. Visors are the more sporty option but can easily add a playful touch and liven up a more laid-back look. Experiment with various hairstyles or accessories to complement the style. They can go great with a tennis-style skirt, dress, or collared shirt. For a more relaxed, versatile aesthetic, you can go for a bucket hat. This hat is a favourite of Carlos Alcaraz, whose Nike bucket hat has become a part of his signature look while off the court and even somewhat of a lucky charm.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The beauty of tenniscore is that it’s all about having fun with the look and mixing and matching pieces to create your own unique style. Get inspired by your favourite players, the celebrities in the stands, or films like Challengers that are giving the style movie magic treatment.

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