Live-in Care with Bluebird Care Merton

Live-in Care with Bluebird Care Merton

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 2 June 2024 | Home & Garden

Welcome to Bluebird Care Merton, where we redefine the meaning of home care with our exceptional live-in care services. Situated within the heart of Merton, we are committed to providing unparalleled support and companionship to individuals who require round-the-clock care in the comfort of their own homes.

At Bluebird Care Merton, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique, and that’s why our Live-in Care service is designed to offer personalised assistance tailored to each individual’s preferences and requirements. Whether you need support with daily tasks, medication management, personal care, or simply companionship, our dedicated team of Care Experts is here to ensure your well-being and comfort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What sets our Live-in Care service apart is our unwavering commitment to treating each person with the dignity, respect, and compassion they deserve. We believe in seeing beyond the care needs and valuing the individuality of each client. Our experienced and highly-qualified Care Experts are not just carers; they are companions who form meaningful relationships with our customers, enriching their lives and providing emotional support along the way.

Our goal is to empower you to live life on your terms, with the comfort and security of knowing that compassionate support is always at hand.

We proudly serve areas within the London Borough of Merton, including Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Morden, Colliers Wood, Mitcham, and more.

With Bluebird Care Merton, you can trust that you’re in safe hands. Our Live-in Care service is backed by a ‘Good’ rating from Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Customer and Care Expert testimonials. We believe in transparency and integrity, which is why we have no upfront fees, no hidden costs, and offer this special promotion to make our services even more accessible to those in need.

Experience the difference that Live-in Care can make in your life. Choose Bluebird Care Merton for compassionate, reliable, and personalized support that enables you to live independently and with dignity in the comfort of your own home.


Live-in care Interview with Bluebird merton Carer Anne.


How long have you been with Bluebird Care (Merton)?

I have been with Bluebird care (Merton) since 2018, so around 6 years now. I still can’t believe it’s been so long. The time has gone so fast, it feels like it was just yesterday.

Why did you choose Bluebird Care (Merton)?

I was applying for a care job online and came across Bluebird Care (Merton). I spoke with Jay, and he was so nice and very kind. I had issues in my previous place of work which I mentioned to Jay, and he showed me the complete opposite. He made me feel so welcome and comfortable to be part of the team. This feeling was very fresh and new to me, but it really helped me in my journey. I owe my loyalty to Bluebird Care (Merton) without a doubt, they have helped shape me into the person I am today.  I have been given so much support from all the staff at Bluebird Care (Merton) and I that is why I will choose them a hundred times over.

What attracted you to live in care?

I can’t speak for all, but for me it’s the fact I can be in one place and not have to travel from here to there. The best part is building strong bonds with my customers while also getting to know them on a more personal level. I’ve built so many amazing relationships by being a live in carer, relationships I struggled to make with customers I was only seeing once or twice a week for only half an hour or so. This is due to the fact we have a lot more time to connect. Let’s not forget the money I save on travel, which is a huge bonus. (Anne laughs).

Please can you explain your role?

My job is to assist my customers with everyday tasks that they may struggle to do by themselves. My job is not to take over and do everything for them, so assist is the keyword. Depending on the level of care needs my customer has, will determine how much assistance they require. In a circumstance where I need to provide more support, I still always make sure they are given the choice to choose and make their own decisions. I like to do this with everything like whether they would like a wash or shower for the day, picking out which clothes they would like to wear and what they would like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is so important as its all about promoting their independence and dignity. My role requires me to be on guard 24/7, even when I’m sleeping, I can never fully relax. I always need to be alert as anything can happen at any given time. Being a live in carer requires you to get to know individuals in such a personal way which allows you to build great bonds that exceeds you just being classed as a carer, you’re their chef, their cleaner, their confident and their friend, while still maintaining professional boundaries.

What do you enjoy most about being a live in carer?

I enjoy everything that comes with it, the good and the bad. I love how much I have learnt along the way. Everything I have learned about my customers and the lives they have lived. I love listening to their history, about their families and everything they have achieved in their lives. I always remind them of those things, just like I remind sylvia of how hardworking she was, and that she was in the corporate business in tower hamlets, and how much of an amazing cricketer she was back in the day. This triggers her memory, and she has her moments when she comes back, you just see the clarity in her eyes. There will be random moments when sylvia tells me stories I never knew about her and when I’ve asked her family, they have confirmed these stories. These are the moments I live for. I honestly enjoy all the time I get to spend with my customers and the feedback and gifts I have received over the years just lets me know I’m doing what I set out to do. To make an impact and difference on their loved one’s lives. Keeping them comfortable and content in their own homes is what I enjoy the most.

What kind of activities do you do to support customers?

We have so much fun, we play so many games. I take Sylvia to many local parks and cafes for tea and cakes. We walk around a lot and have lots of chats. We watch films and listen to music. Sylvia has such great taste in music, we sing and dance to all our favourites. Sylvia is a sports fanatic; she can watch sports all day. As I said she was once a cricketer and that’s something not even her dementia could take away from her. Sylvia also loves gardening, so we’re always out in her garden watering the plants or should I say sylvia loves using the hose to drown all the plants (Anne laughs). To encourage Sylvias love of gardening, I make sure to take her to the garden centre to buy new plants regularly. I like to keep all my customers busy and as active as possible. We do all sorts of different activities daily, although these will depend on her mood and what she would like to do on the day. We can do all these things because we have the time to do so. These activities vary for different individuals I work with.

What do you think makes live in care the best option for your customers?

 Its the best option because they can get to know the carer on a one to one basis while also being able to bond with one person who you build trust with can be a huge comfort for them. With Sylvia for example, I know when she’s grumpy or just not in the mood, which allows me to determine when to just give her a little breathing space. That’s the good thing about her having one carer, it allows me to understand her temperament in a person centred way and knowing the signs to look out for. Also, the comfort of knowing the carer does not have a time limit, more things can get done and you can take your time to do them rather than rushing to get them done quickly before leaving.

Do you have any special moments you would like to share? Oh, there’s so many to choose from. A moment that always sticks with me is one time where I was on the floor tying up Sylvia’s shoelaces and when I was trying to get back up, I was struggling. Sylvia then attempted to help me get up by literally pushing me up off the floor. We both just started laughing hysterically. That was a very funny and special moment for me. I think about it a lot. Me and sylvia laugh a lot and she’s always teasing me. She has a great sense of humour. There was another occasion where I was administering medication, and I was explaining to Sylvia what they are all for. She was not very pleased, I told her the doctor said they are good for her, she responded with “So why doesn’t he take them”. I burst out laughing, I couldn’t even contain it. She is just so unapologetically funny. That really made my day. I have many special moments I hold with me in my heart with all the customers I have worked with over the years.

Any final comments?

I love my job. I enjoy Sylvia’s company. I get a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment in my role. I love all my customers and everyone I have met over the years, all the amazing carers and the super supportive office staff. I really can’t complain, I have learnt so much. I just want to say a big thank you to Bluebird Care (Merton) and to jay for believing in me from the start and supporting me throughout. I can always count on everyone I work with, even when its just to rant and get everything off my chest. It all means so much to me and I appreciate it dearly.


We believe that care matters and we are committed to providing the highest quality home care so that you or your loved one can remain in their own homes.

Instagram: @bluebirdcare_merton

Facebook: @caremerton

Tel: 020 8687 5745


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