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Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 19 08 2022| Press
Get social this September

Say goodbye to late summer nights. It's time to set that alarm and snap back into routine!   It's not all work and no play; we're here to remind you of the abundance of pubs, restaurants, galleries right outside your front door! We are so excited to share local festivals, antique and food markets, new menus, venues and secret events where we can't wait to see you and hear about your summer. With sustainable fashion so hot on our lips right now, we will continue to bring you the most seductive late summer trends, plus hair and make-up trends -getting...

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Make a statement with the Wimbledon Cufflink Company

Wimbledon Cufflink Company is where the cutting edge meets with the traditional. As a world leader in innovative cufflink design they draw their inspiration from British culture and art. They place a high regard on tradition and heritage but look to the future by incorporating these elements into their cufflink designs with a modern twist. Wimbledon Cufflink Company specialises in custom designed cufflinks – They cater for the discerning individual who puts attention to detail and their own individuality first. They showed us some of their stand out Cufflinks in their collection to really make a statement. In blue and...

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OFFERING: HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT), RED LIGHT THERAPY AND BIORESONANCE THERAPY. Post-pandemic and, as we live with Covid-19, never has our health and being at our optimum fitness been more important. New wellness clinic Total Body Health has opened at 30 Homefield Road, Wimbledon Village (SW19 4QF). Their mission is to relieve pain, symptoms of chronic illnesses like Long Covid pain, fatigue and brain fog, heal injuries and help clients look and feel younger using natural therapies firmly based on science.   The clinic, founded and run by husband-and-wife team Tony and Anoma Courtney Brown, utilises the latest in holistic...

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Sustainable Summer Fashion by Aarabhi London

Aarabhi London is the womenswear brand creating a lot of hype this summer. Founded and based in Wimbledon, they create both statement pieces and sustainable essentials. Their collections are a combination of the individual design aesthetic of British fashion and Indian craftsmanship.  Their goal when designing is to create colourful, feminine and versatile pieces which can be styled in many different ways, so they can be worn repeatedly. They know how important it is for clothing to be comfortable and functional. Aarabhi don’t try to follow any trends, they create timeless pieces so the clothes can be worn & enjoyed...

Italian TV Films International Women’s Day Party ’22

Complitaly joined the International Women's Day Party to cover what was happening and to interview some of the creative, innovative and independent women who attended. WIMBLEDON: GIRL POWER AT THE CENTER OF WOMEN'S DAY, The Italian Article touched on details of the event, and we have attached their gorgeous interview below.

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How To Protect Yourself From Online Pharmacy Scams

For a variety of reasons, people buy drugs from online pharmacies. Online pharmacies are alluring due to convenience, especially for elderly customers, who account for 71% of outpatient prescriptions. Online prescription drug ordering has never been simpler. There are hundreds of websites that sell prescription medications, and the number is constantly increasing. However, shady websites have made selling fake medications a booming global industry. Counterfeiters use fake online pharmacies to sell their medicines to unwary internet users. Ordering prescription medications carry significant dangers, including the possibility of receiving low-quality drugs. Your health may be at stake if you purchase medicines...

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Breakfast at Babylon 76-78 | All Day Breakfast Wimbledon

Veganuary is in full swing, and I kicked off week two with none other than Lady W herself, in the refined yet relaxed establishment that is Babylon 76-78. Already well loved amongst its SW locals, this inviting, leafy resto seemed the perfect place to hunt down some gastronomic greens. As a committed carnivore, I am always impressed when I find vegetarian dishes that leave me captivated enough to forget the absence of my meaty main staples. The Vegetarian Full English Breakfast at Babylon 76-78 is a perfect example of this. Rather than make like-for-like substitutions on the standard sausage, bacon...

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Video of Lady W’s Christmas Party’21 at 601 Queens Road

Lady Wimbledon brought the year to a close in style at Wimbledon's very own glass dome. Watch the video below for a glance at the dazzling festivities at 601 Queen Rd.  



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