The Beauty Network: The Smart Woman’s Way to Mix Business and Pleasure!

The Beauty Network: The Smart Woman’s Way to Mix Business and Pleasure!

Posted by Gina Conway Prive | 13 July 2016 | Health & Fitness

Top class therapists; check

Gorgeous venue; check

Friends, acquaintances, influential movers and shakers; check

Champagne; check

Top sporting event (Wimbledon Tennis); check

Super summer weather; no check (darn it, why can’t we have it all?!)

Last week saw a group of influential local women getting together for the ultimate, indulgent networking event. Rewarding on many levels (you’ll have a lovely set of on-trend nails, salon-beautiful hair and a mind brimming with new business ideas all in a couple of hours) this is definitely the way forward for busy mum’s trying to fit everything into their increasingly hectic lives.

Local entrepreneur, Social Media whizz and mum to three children under 7, Sandra Nardi (Lady Wimbledon), hosted a party before an outing to THE top sporting event of summer, the Wimbledon Championships. She gathered a group of like-minded ladies and wisely requested the services of Gina Conway Privé, our fabulous at home service. We duly arrived with our top team ready and able to offer red carpet ready hair, make up and nails, with a stress relieving massage available for those who needed a little time to shut off from the world and collect their thoughts.

There was an air of naughtiness and elation as the Privé team worked their magic and the ladies shared top tips on anything and everything, from what was trending on social media to teaching your child to swim in a hot tub! Our staff are talented and discreet, the perfect combination for making people feel relaxed and good about themselves.

Fancy hosting a party yourself? We can put together a bespoke plan for your special occasion, please contact us on 020 8234 6899 with your requirements.


Karen Louise with talented hairstylist from Gina Conway Privé

Gina Conway getting guests  tennis ready

Gina Conway getting guests tennis ready


Mr Brown capturing the beauty party

Lady Wimbledon and Karine Torr with beautiful flowers from Brian Kirkby

Lady Wimbledon and Karine Torr with beautiful flowers from Brian Kirkby


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