The Ultimate Sun Protection Guide

The Ultimate Sun Protection Guide

Posted by Lara Mallia 'Eyes of Lady Wimbledon' | 5 August 2016 | Health & Fitness

Although dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen every day, most people don’t. Unless your foundation has an SPF already in the formula, it’s recommended that you apply some sort of SPF face lotion before applying any face makeup.

Always AVOID the sticky and oily types because it would cause your makeup to look heavy.

Choose a sunblock with both UVA and UVB protection and with an SPF between 30 and 50 for hot summer days with a high UV index. Two I highly recommend are Clarins UV plus SPF 50 day screen multi-protection (Elys, Debenhams) and Clinique Super City Block SPF40 (Elys, Debenhams).



Don’t neglect your lips. Like the area around the eyes, the skin on the lips is also thin and delicate. Look for a lip balm or lipstick with SPF. A lovely one is the Laura Mercier Lip Balm SPF15 (Elys and Space NK)





Wait a few minutes before applying your makeup. This will allow your skin some time to soak up your SPF properly—and also make your makeup application easier.

If you want to streamline your process, try a BB cream with SPF in it such the award winning Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 (Elys) However keep in mind that you would need to apply it all over your face for full protection. You do not need to use a moisturiser when using a BB Cream if you have normal to combination or oily skin.

Tip: Blot with a blotting paper over the T-zone after applying a BB cream to absorb any excess oils.



Remember that one would need to top up the SPF regularly throughout the day especially if you are outdoors. You may touch up your makeup with a mineral powder sunscreen in order to do this. A really good one which you can easily keep in your handbag, is the bareMinerals SPF30 Natural Sunscreen (Debenhams)


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