Wedding Makeup: What To Expect At Your Trial?

Wedding Makeup: What To Expect At Your Trial?

Posted by Becca Gray | 13 April 2017 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Style & Beauty

I have been providing makeup for brides for 10 years now, starting with a wedding before I had finished my makeup degree at London College of Fashion. We all want every single little detail to be perfect on a wedding day. Choosing a makeup artist can be scary for a lot of women, especially for women who don’t often wear a lot of makeup.

I try to put the bride at ease, and always let them know that the makeup is about them and what they want, not about me and what I want. I hear some awful stories where brides have had their makeup done and hated it at the trial and were too scared to tell the makeup artist, so this is why I always say to the bride to just be as honest as possible.

I recommend brides bring along photos of makeup they like, and try to explain what they like about that particular look. Is it the colours, the shimmer the shape etc. What is also important for me is to get a feel of what makeup the bride usually wears, and to see photos of the bride when her makeup is all done. To one person what is a lot of makeup is a minimum amount to the next. On the wedding day it is important to remember that the makeup is going to be different to your normal makeup, it has to work with the whole look and be in keeping with the dress.

Brides will come to the trial in normal clothes, like jeans and t-shirts, and it is important to remember on the day they will be in a wedding dress, so it will feel very different. Plus their hair will be styled, and the makeup will become part of the whole look.

I always ask what their dress is like and ideally get to see a photo. If the dress is a certain style say 50s for example, then do you want to match the makeup with a 50s style makeup? It is also good to know what type of hairstyle you want, if you are having a boho style then perhaps you match the makeup, or if it is a very formal hairstyle then the makeup is going to be more classic. It’s also important to remember this makeup has got to look amazing in the photos as well as up close.

Brides say they are often scared they won’t look like themselves. I prefer to think the makeup is there to enhance the way you look, and bring out your best parts. We see a lot of girls on Instagram with what looks like amazing makeup, but actually up close the make up is far too much, too heavy and too strong and actually looks quite scary. Bridal makeup needs to look great up close as well as in photos. Saying that, you also need to find the balance, and there needs to be enough to be seen in the photos. For example, you will need slightly more blusher than you would think to make sure you can see it in pictures. I always take a photo of the bride at the end of the trial so they can see what it looks like in the photo.

The other very important thing for bridal makeup is how long it will last. At the trial I will give tips on how to make the makeup last all day – including simple little things like not touching your face. I use all professional products that are designed to last and I will recommend a powder to help stop shine which is common, especially in the summer months. We will also find the perfect lip colour and I will recommend the bride buys her own for touch ups on the day.

Don’t worry if you’re not a bride and would still love to have your makeup done professionally, I also offer makeup services for special occasions – perfect for a night out or if you are a guest at a wedding.

By Our Beauty Blogger Becca Gray

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