Bringing Beach Festival Hair To Wimbledon

Bringing Beach Festival Hair To Wimbledon

Posted by Becca Gray | 22 May 2017 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Style & Beauty

Coachella kicked off the festival season, and it has left me wanting to bring the festival vibe to my everyday look. Unfortunately it’s not warm enough in Wimbledon to wear a fringed bikini and beaded sandals…I may get a few funny looks if I have glitter covering half of my face whilst walking down the high street. But the one look I can take from the festival vibes is the beachy waves as worn by Gigi…

gigi hadid festival

This look is so versatile, it can be worn to festivals as a full on hippy look with braids and flower crowns but it can also be toned down for every day life or glammed up for a night out.

So how can we achieve this ourselves? In the ideal situation I would go to get my hair done in a salon, like below when I visited Gina Conway. I absolutely loved this style of waves, it was chic and sophisticated and perfect for a special occasion.

becca at gina conway

To recreate beachy waves at home I always rely on my BaByliss PRO Dial a Heat Conical Wand. This is by far the easiest tool I have found.

Always use a heat protector and shine serum if your hair is dry. Also my top tip to make the curls last is to apply hair spray not only after you have done the tonging, but also before. Section the hair into small sections and start on the underneath sections, always wrap the hair around the wand in the same direction and hold it at the same angle to keep the curls consistent.

The cheat way – if time is limited and you know you will have all of 10 minutes to get ready the next day then try washing and plaiting your hair the night before. Do two plaits (Heidi style) as this will make sure you get all the hair in, and make sure the hair is not too wet and has been brushed. Go to sleep and when you wake up you will have beautiful soft waves. If your hair is super straight then you might need to add a texturising spray such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

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