DIY: How To Re-Upholster Furniture

DIY: How To Re-Upholster Furniture

Posted by Helene Arentz | 11 August 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Any plans for decorating your home this autumn? Plans are often born during summer holidays when spending time outside in our own backyards. Inspired by relaxed and trendy hotels, friends, places we visit, restaurants…  inspiration is to be found everywhere.

Today I want to speak up for re-upholstered furniture. The list of win- win arguments is long; It’s an absolutely amazing way to add something genuine to your home like a vintage piece, you can reuse your existing beloved sofa when it looks like it belongs on a grave yard rather than your living room, or you are sick of the pale pink you were crazy for some years ago. Plus, the environment will love you for your care.

DIY How To Re Upholster

But you don’t have to do it yourself. I re-upholstered my 19 year old sofa in a natural linen at my local upholsterer – they did a fantastic job. A sofa is quite big project, so visit your local upholsterer and look through their book of fabrics. Bring some inspiration images of what you want the piece to look like and discuss the costs upfront.

A chair is a more realistic size if you want to DIY. You can find the best quality at antique or flea markets. Always look for the best shape for your style – maybe it is a modern mid- century or an old classic Rocco. If you intend to do the job yourself with a stapler, do yourself a favour and find a good quality (but not expensive) fabric in case of errors in the process. You can find a lot of vintage and new fabrics for a very good price at such markets.

OKA Blue Furniture Chair

Chair from OKA


My project this autumn is to find a chair like the one I fell in love with at OKA, and make a loose cover from fabric removed from my dining room sofa. The blue fabric was worn out in the sitting area and is replaced by this walnut brown linen. Major parts of the blue fabric are still intact for my dream chair though.

Wish me luck!

Written by Helene Arentz
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