Hot Tips For Your Home Office

Hot Tips For Your Home Office

Posted by Helene Arentz | 27 August 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine
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If we should have any rules, rule number one would be to pay a little attention to where we do our work. Ask yourself, do you feel energised by your surroundings, or are they dull and make you dream about going away and planning your next break?

You may spend a lot of time there or just some hours a week, but our surrounding’s influence our mood, capacity, energy, and not to forget, our creativity!

So my advice is: look at your work space, whether it’s in a corner or a separate room. Are you ready to spend your working hours there this autumn? Maybe a little clearance would help. Clean up, throw old things away and make it look organised!

Feel inspired by these three clean and organised spaces, with some advice from me on what to consider for your chair.

Photo Credit: Pinterest My Scandinavian Home

Photo Credit: Pinterest Justine

Photo Credit: Pinterest Lilliwonderland

An office chair is probably the most important investment for your space. It’s really important for the look of the room, but it’s also important for your wellbeing.

Let’s start with the look. A modern iconic chair would make your space look cool and blend into most spaces, especially if you’re working in your kitchen or living room. For a shorter period it will be ok, and you could also add a colour like red or yellow to brighten it up.

For a chair more ergonomic for your body, you should consider a flexible and adjustable chair. Look for the essentials:

    1.  Adjustable height. Your feet should be grounded on the floor and your chair should fit easily under the table top.
    2. Flexible. The more you can move, like tilting the seat forward or bending backwards, the better – as long as it gives you good support. We are too static when sitting, so the key is movement!
    3. Your arms are crucial. The reason why many people get neck and shoulder problems can be caused by too high an arm rest. Sometimes it’s better to have a chair without armrests and instead, make sure you’re able to rest your arms in a relaxed position on the table top.
    4. Too big a chair makes us passive, so go for the size that fits you and definitely be aware of size and flexibility when the chair will be used by a child.
    5. Choose a colour which makes you comfortable. Do you prefer and elegant chair that blends in or something to stand out and make a style statement?

Ikea has a good-looking, affordable and quite neat chair with the most important adjustment and support for your body:

Have fun creating your space!

Written by Helene Arentz

Instagram: @hainteriordesign
Twitter: @ArentzHelene
Facebook: @hainteriordesign


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