Pre Wedding Hair And Skin Care Routine

Pre Wedding Hair And Skin Care Routine

Posted by Becca Gray | 19 August 2017 | Beauty, Magazine, Style & Beauty

The last few weeks before your wedding are going to be extremely stressful! You will be making final decisions, signing off on things, sorting out the last minute preparations and more! I am feeling this all right now with just over two weeks to go until my own wedding. But I am determined not to forget about my beauty regimes to get ready for the big day.

So what do you need to be doing  right now to make sure you are looking your absolute best?

Face Beauty Routine

This is the time when your skin routine needs to be on point! I recommend this routine to brides-to-be at their makeup trial, to help prep their skin ready for when I apply makeup on the morning of their wedding.

Every Morning:

Follow these steps every morning in the lead up to your wedding: cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser

Every Evening:

Remove all makeup! I don’t recommend using wipes as these can be really harsh and damaging to your skin, try micellar water and cotton wool instead. Then use a night cream.

Twice a week:

Exfoliate and use a face mask that’s suited to your skin type.

Don’t forget your lips! I love Carmex. If your lips are prone to peeling, try a lip scrub instead.

If time and budget allows, then I would definitely recommend booking in a couple of facials. Check out my previous blog on my amazing LED facial at Illumin8 in Wimbledon Village.

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Body Beauty Routine

If you are having a spray tan for your wedding I would recommend having a trial at least 3 weeks before the day and then don’t have another one until two days before, this will make sure all remains of spray tan have gone, ready for the wedding tan.

The same as your facial routine, you need to moisturise daily! You unfortunately can’t just expect to moisturise on the day of the wedding and your skin to look great, it needs work!

If you want to get some pampering and relaxation in at the same time, then take time out to have a bath with epsom salts and relaxing oils – I love the selection from Neom.


Hands Beauty Routine

Don’t forget your hands!!! They will be in a lot of photos on your wedding day!

I highly recommend having a gel manicure 2-3 weeks before the wedding. This will help keep your nails protected and allow them to grow for the wedding day. I often do this for clients, and it is also good to choose the colour you will be having on the day.

If you don’t want to have gels then you could always book just for a manicure to get your cuticles looking neat and tidy. Also use a moisturiser and cuticle oil on your hands daily – as many times as you remember is great, but most importantly at bed time.


Hair Beauty Routine

You will probably be getting your hair styled on the wedding day itself. You can make sure it looks in its absolute best condition by using treatments in the lead up. If, like me, you have dry hair, you will love coconut oil which can be left on all night to really soak in and nourish the condition. I have also booked into Headmasters to have a professional treatment two days before my wedding to give it that added boost.

Good luck with all the prepping!! And don’t forget to drink lots of water and get some sleep! Two beauty necessities in the lead up to your wedding.

Written by Becca Gray

Twitter: @Becca_GrayXx
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