Save Wimbledon Ridgway Stables

Save Wimbledon Ridgway Stables

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 25 August 2017 | News

Wimbledon’s well-loved Ridgway Stables site is in danger of closing down after the private landlord refused to renew the lease.

This September, the horses and ponies at Ridgway Riding Facility could be forced to find a new home, letting down a huge number of riders. Over the past few decades, Ridgway Stables has prided itself on being an affordable and safe place to learn to ride, especially for young children. It is the only place in the Village that provides support to various programmes during the school holidays such as Merton Active and Camp Beaumont, as well as running the Saturday Club all year round.

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The closure of this riding facility would not only be a disappointing outcome, but a huge loss for the whole area. However, all is not lost – we have the chance to voice our support for the treasured Riding Stables by joining the online petition to prove to the Council that our community does not want this site redeveloped.

Julia Hardy, who currently runs the stables is understandably upset about the news, “I am very sad to be leaving Ridgway Stables after 37 years, but more importantly it is upsetting for all the children and adults who have to say goodbye to the ponies and horses they have ridden over the years. We have had some very happy times here. Wimbledon and the Common have provided a wonderful place to work and ride. It is a shame it has to come to an end.”

So far, the stables have received an overwhelming amount of support to keep them open, including a positive response from Councillor Stephen Alambritis and Glamour Magazine’s social media and podcast editor, Kat Brown. Show your support today to help keep Wimbledon Ridgway Stables open.

Sign the petition:

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