Top 3 Autumn Essentials For The Wimbledon Gent

Top 3 Autumn Essentials For The Wimbledon Gent

Posted by Wimbledon Gent | 29 September 2017 | Magazine, Wimbledon Gent

As the Autumn mornings begin to bite, the time has come to swap our shorts and short sleeves shirts for autumn coats and woolly jumpers.

This Autumn/Winter season is all about comfort, fit and trying something a little out of your comfort zone. So, here’s a list of the top 3 must-have winter essentials for every Wimbledon Gent.

1. Tapered Wool Trousers

Wool trousers are the best option for the cold season and the form fitting tapered style will definitely be a hit this Autumn/Winter. While moving away from the beloved skinny jean will be a hard habit to break, once you try these trousers you’ll be hooked.

Ranging in style, tapered wool trousers are modern and adaptable; they can be dressed up in whichever way suits you, whether you want to throw on your favourite pair of trainers or a casual shoe. It all works with these trousers.

Grab a pair from ASOS for £30 or if you’re looking for something more high-end, this pair from Calvin Klein will certainly do the job.

2. Military style boots.

We all know how cold and wet Autumn/Winter gets in this country. Battling rain and slushy snow in your favourite pair of Chuck Taylor’s is a frustrating task. So this year, why not swap out your trainers for a stylish pair of military boots? Stand out with these chunky and oversized boots. They come in an array of styles, from the more sophisticated to the more casual, making them perfect for every occasion.

Either way, these should be a staple for every Wimbledon Gent’s wardrobe.

3. Corduroy Jacket

As with most things in fashion, the corduroy jacket has come full circle. Making its return with a more modern style, the corduroy jacket is definitely one to be added to the wardrobe this season. Giving you a bit of everything, this jacket will be style piece you’ll need to keep warm as well as look good.

With a variation of colours, this 70’s style piece will give you that thing you need to put your outfit together. Mix it up with a vintage t-shirt or a plain oxford – this jacket is universally stylish. While this may be a bold look to manage, you’ll definitely a be a trendsetter amongst your friends if you can pull it off.

Written by Lynn Moyo

Instagram: @meliigram_

Twitter: @meliitweets

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