Decorating With Art

Decorating With Art

Posted by Helene Arentz | 5 November 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine

When looking for a painting, photographs or posters for your home, it should be more about choosing by heart than matching your interiors.

A very clever photographer once told me that I should not choose a frame for a piece of art only after my taste, or with the aim to match my existing frames or interior. “You choose a frame to let the art shine”, he said. I felt a bit embarrassed, because I was in full swing making everything look the same.

Credit: Mondo

It was very good advice to bear in mind, as we are sometimes too eager to have everything matching. If you choose art with your heart more than your head, the outcome is more likely to be a happy affair, also for the future. Art is something you can take with you as a constant, also when everything else is changing, not like a piece of furniture that you wear out.
So, if you have a piece of art, you can choose furniture and soft furnishing that match it to create a harmonious scene, rather than the other way around. Use the colours you want, simply add a splash of an accent colour in a vase or a cushion, and it can be a cool detail.

Credit: Mondo

Do you like monochrome and seamless, surprising, serene or colourful surroundings? That’s the beauty with a home, you’re the boss. So, a few things regarding art:

  1. Choose with your heart!
  2. Choose a frame that brings out the best of the piece.
  3. Make sure you bring out the best in a piece of art when decorating – complementing, not making noise which takes away the identity of the piece.
  4. Do it your way! Art is a personal matter – at least in your home.
  5. Make sure you find the right spot for your piece. A bit of space around the frame for one big piece, or smaller pieces grouped together looks best. Avoid small pictures or paintings alone on a huge wall.

Enjoy creating your scene!

Credit: Mondo

Helene Arentz
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Helene Arentz

Scandinavian interior designer Helene is a doyenne of creative home transformation, pairing personality and atmosphere with beautiful functionality. This is her inside story…

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