How To Get Smooth Skin

How To Get Smooth Skin

Posted by Becca Gray | 11 November 2017 | Beauty, Magazine, Style & Beauty

With my honeymoon in just a few days I had to make sure I had time to visit Guinot to get some pre-holiday pampering.

I previously visited before my wedding for a facial, and this is when the owner Justyna mentioned I should come in before my honeymoon to try out the Techni Spa, to get the skin on the rest of my body looking its best before I had to bare all in a bikini.

The Techni Spa is a slimming anti-cellulite treatment, it has a number of different variations to help women slim down quickly, sustainably and effectively. It can be used to reduce cellulite all over the body whilst particularly focusing on critical stubborn areas such as the waist, hips and thighs, which exercise and dieting don’t always get to.

There are two options to chose from – Thermo-relax firming or slimming anti-cellulite.

I chose the Thermo-relax firming, and after Justyna told me this wasn’t a relaxing treatment like the facial I received last time, I couldn’t believe how quickly I relaxed and was nearly asleep by the end. I wasn’t expecting this at all, I thought I was doing it for the end results and didn’t expect to enjoy the treatment so much. It actually felt a bit like having a hot stone massage.

There are 3 stages to the treatment, which all help to make it so effective:

  1. Volcanic currents. Guinot are famous for their amazing use of volcanic currents, I talked about them in my first blog where they are used in the signature facial. They are used in this treatment as well, to increase the absorption and circulation of active ingredients.
  2. Heat diffusion. The heat diffusing process softens fat on the skin’s surface and increases the skin’s microcirculation to facilitate detoxification.
  3. Deep massage. The machine performs two kneading-rolling movements, which helps with circulation.

Basically what we need to know, is that all of the above will target those horrible areas that are so hard to get rid of! The three work together to get rid of cellulite and firm the area.

This treatment is perfect if you are off on holiday or have a big event coming up. If you have left it to the last minute to get ready for a big event, you can chose to go for the “Quick Fix’ option which is three treatments in one week. This will help you to slim down to get you into that ‘Little Black Dress’ just in time for the Christmas party. Or if you know you have three weeks before a holiday you can chose the ‘Intensive Results’ which is three treatments a week for three weeks, where you will really notice the difference.

There is also a ‘Long Lasting Option’ that works for people who are on a weight loss journey. It is actually a lovely treatment to have, and I think it would be really encouraging to do something positive and enjoyable when trying to lose weight rather than just the usual things like exercising and dieting. Obviously these things are still important, but if you could treat yourself as well, it would help to keep you on track when you see the big results.

Justyna’s knowledge is amazing and I was racking her brains about the treatment and also about looking after these areas in general. She explained to me in detail about why you get cellulite and how it isn’t caused necessarily by fat, hence why slim people can get it too. This is what she says:

“If you imagine the skin being a network of evenly distributed fibres that form a net, healthy skin will be a tight network with the fatty tissue staying put. However if the circulation is poor then the skin suffers as it’s not getting enough nutrients. This causes this beautiful network of fibres to become weak and collapse in places, allowing the fatty layers to poke through in unsightly lumpy effect. Ensuring that we keep circulation in the problem areas is important as the skin stays stronger and keeps the fatty layer in its place.”

To keep up the treatment there are lots of great products available, including this in-shower body brush. I have been using this myself, and love it! I used to try and body brush with a dry brush, but I often would forget and get in the shower and it would be too late, whereas this one you use in the shower.

If you would like a free body brush, just mention Eyes Of Lady Wimbledon when booking.

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Written by Becca Gray

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