Expert Wine Service At Wimbledon’s The Sampler

Expert Wine Service At Wimbledon’s The Sampler

Posted by Sisley White | 6 June 2018 | Food & Drink, Magazine

With so many wines to explore it can be a bit of a minefield to find a wine that suits your tastes perfectly for an occasion or food you want to pair it with. The Sampler in Leopold Road offers an expert service with an incredible knowledge of the wine they stock to help you find the wine that’s right for you.

The Sampler was started by Jamie and Dawn after a holiday in Italy where they fell in love with wine. After their travels they wanted to make wine more accessible by having a try before you buy option. On this holiday they first discovered the Enomatic Wine Dispensers which they then bought to England to be featured in their store. Whether you want to spend £10 a bottle or £100 a bottle they can recommend a perfect bottle.

On my visit to The Sampler I was shown around the wine haven by Arthur who was so passionate about the wines stocked in the shop. As we explored the range of wines we traveled across continents, encountered different grapes and tasted beautiful flavours.

I’ve known a little about wine but it was incredible discovering so much more. The little things how different growers can have the same vines but soil conditions, atmosphere and temperature can cause such a different result.


Get ready for The Championships with The Sampler…

Here are the three recommendations for a beautiful glass of champagne and sparkling wine to enjoy during the tennis.

RH Coutier Grand Cru Brut £35

This fresh and crisp bubbly is a beautiful champagne. With a sweeter brioche flavour that mingles very well with the crisper fruit and soft bubbles to create a fresh balance that makes this a very sophisticated drink.

Charles Dufour, Bulles de Comptoir la Benjamine 2.0 extra brut £38.50

The Bulles de Comptoir is a vision of an old fashioned, easy going aperitif Champagne. Its lemon, sharp and slightly bitter tone makes it perfect for sipping in the sunshine and the toasting the winner of the Championships 2018.

Benoit Badoz Cremant du Jura Rose £19.90

This beautiful cremant is made in a champagne method so is very similar to a champagne. This fruity and light rose drink is very easy to sip on. Perfect to enjoy on its own, with canapés or even dinner. The fruity mix of raspberry, redcurrant, cranberry flavours and aromas mixed with the frangipane and brioche helps make it a very versatile drink.

This wonderful independent shop is a great part of the local community and really worth visiting. Check out their website for their latest events including talks and taster evenings.

The Sampler, 26 Leopold Road, SW19 7BD


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