How To Wear White And Light Colours

How To Wear White And Light Colours

Posted by Sunna Naseer | 19 June 2018 | Magazine, Style & Beauty

During the summer months, our wardrobes transition to lighter colours and lighter fabrics. Particularly during the Wimbledon tennis season, we find ourselves invited to a whole host of parties where whites and light colours are the dress codes of choice.

Wearing all white can seem daunting (and nerve-wracking when worrying about drink spills) but when you get it right, it can look drop-dead-gorgeous. Being one of the hottest colours to be seen in for Spring / Summer 2018, now’s the time to get this look mastered. Plus, wearing white is much like wearing black: it can be paired with any print, colour or texture, making it an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe.


White on white

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The trickiest look to style is white on white. To pull this off, either pair two similar fabrics like a silky co-ord or simply pair a plain white piece with another that has a slight pattern or different texture to it. For example, wear white tailored trousers with a sheer or lace white top.

Add a statement accessory like leopard print shoes to inject a bit of personality.


White dress

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When selecting a white dress for a party, consider your skin tone. Bright white shades look great on dark or tanned skin whereas cream or off-white are better options for paler skin tones.


White skirt or trouser

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If you’re not into the all-white look, choose one statement white piece like a skirt or pair of trousers to pair with a delicate top. A lacy nude vest or delicate pastels will work well. Match your shoes to the nude/pastel colour to tie this look together.


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