What To Wear To Wimbledon Tennis

What To Wear To Wimbledon Tennis

Posted by Sunna Naseer | 4 July 2018 | Magazine, Style & Beauty

The question of what to wear to Wimbledon can be a puzzling one. How to look stylish at one of the world’s top sporting events whilst staying comfortable enough to stand in The Queue and walk around the grassy venue.

If you want to start the day off with a beauty treat, SHOW Dry in Wimbledon Village have an exclusive offer on during the tennis fortnight. Choose express braids, express up dos or signature blow dry and shellac for £50. How about Wimbledon purple for your nails?

Dress code wise there are no official rules, but if you’re heading to Centre Court or Court No 1, dressing smart is advised. The trick is to mix chic clothing with shoes that’ll keep you walking without pain. If you’re going for heels, look for a chunky style or wedge to stop you sinking into the ground.

1. Reiss | 2. Iris | 3. Iris | 4. Topshop | 5. Zara | 6. Reiss | 7. Joseph Azagury

If you’ve not lucked out with Centre Court tickets, you can dress a little more casual, but there is a huge sense of occasion at Wimbledon so do dress up if you want to.

1. Joseph Azagury | 2. Zara | 3. Iris | 4. H&M | 5. Zara | 6. Boho Beach Fest | 7. Matches Fashion

Unlike Ascot, hats are not a necessity at Wimbledon; but a hat and sunglasses would be useful to help keep your face out of the glaring sun. Don’t go for anything too big or you’ll be getting evil looks from the people sat behind you. You may also want to pack an umbrella and light jacket – there’s no telling what our skies might do.

1. Matches Fashion | 2. Topshop | 3. Reiss | 4. Boho Beach Fest

If all that sports action has left you buzzing, head out to Wimbledon Village or town centre to continue the celebrations. We’ve spied the perfect heels worthy of a tennis party at Joseph Azagury. Read our insider’s guide to find out where to eat, drink and relax during Wimbledon tennis season.


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