Wimbledon Welcomes Skinsmiths

Wimbledon Welcomes Skinsmiths

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 28 September 2018 | Beauty, Magazine, Style & Beauty

Originally from New Zealand Skinsmiths launched with the global ambition of giving as many people as possible access to skin confidence. Now, almost twenty-years later, they’ve opened 50 clinics in New Zealand and 8 in the U.K including one in Wimbledon Village and invite you to start your skin journey.

Lady W was invited to Skinsmiths Wimbledon Village clinic to learn all about the brand who’ve been revolutionising the skincare industry where she picked up a few items to help her get started on her journey to skin confidence.

Each individuals skin journey is different as such Skinsmiths tailor each treatment plan to meet the needs and goals of your skin. Skinsmiths know that great skin takes time and have created bespoke treatment schedule especially for Lady W to make sure she is on track for her best skin ever. As well as having the right treatments at the right times, Skinsmiths also gave Lady W some products to complement her treatment results.

To get started Lady W will be using five skin care products as well as regular visits to Skinsmiths Wimbledon Village clinic for one-to-one sessions with her personal skin technician.


Using the right products to cleanse your face is the first step towards skin confidence. Skinsmiths Dual Cleansing Brush and Gel Cleanser make for the perfect duo as the double ended brush has a soft bristle side as well as a silicone pad. During your consultation your skin technician will assess and decide what products and tools best suit your skin type.


Regardless of the weather our skin needs hydration! By adding SkinSmiths Hydration Booster to your skincare regime you’ll be improving elasticity to develop plump skin that feels replenished and gorgeous. Depending on the problem areas you wish to work on your skin technician can tailor your treatment.


Texture is the number one tell-tale sign of ageing skin. By using SkinSmiths Derma Roller you can effectively work on improving wrinkles, scars and sun damage. Clean your roller with the Sanitising Spray so it’s ready to go the next time you use it.

These were just some of the products that Lady W will be using on her skin journey. As Skinsmiths would recommend it is best to attend a consultation at anyone of their 8 clinics before purchasing any of their products even though they’ve all been designed to give you the best results. It’s all about getting to know you and your skin inside and out and developing a plan to get you the results you want. And while the products are a good place to start, Skinsmiths believe that it’s the clinic treatments that do the heavy lifting so book your consultation with SkinSmiths online or visit your closest clinic.


Visit SkinSmiths Wimbledon Village, 16 The Ridgway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 4QN

Find Skinsmiths on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(Disclaimer: This blog is a paid promotion. All views and opinions are our own.)

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