Autumn Breeze From The South Of France

Autumn Breeze From The South Of France

Posted by Helene Arentz | 19 October 2018 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Late summer-early autumn is a gorgeous time of year especially if you are looking to experience the Indian summer. One such beautiful place, full of visually striking experiences, is Maison Mondo in the South of France.

When I visited late September the days were smooth and calming. As the summer days turned into autumn evenings we were surrounded by a beautiful array of seasonal colours which inspired the choice of food for that afternoon. A spicy, creamy pumpkin soup. I could not help but bring out my camera and capture those unique moments. Like your favourite book you never want the story to end.

The French have displayed an enviable degree of domestic chic in fashion and interiors. When it comes to creating rooms that are both relaxed and elegant, French country house style is hard to beat. The style fortunately is not impossible to recreate even on a different continent and despite the difference in architecture. Think heavy linen, olive trees, heavy woodern coffee table, candle lights, beautiful vintage pieces and handcrafted objects.

Maison Mondo is one of those places where you can tangibly feel the good atmosphere as you enter past the huge stone gates to be greeted by the welcoming sign, “Maison Mondo”. Every last detail has been thought of and hand picked, as though it were a boutique hotel, just for you.

It is easy to tell that the owner of Maison Mondo, Laila, is an interior designer who is passionate about creating such a personal experience. The way the materials combine from the stone wall paired with natural stones, that she designed for the house, to the tiled floor, the country chic kitchen stove and the generous sofas infront of the fireplace.

The place to be, in Laila’s holiday home, has to be the sofa where you can lounge and enjoy the sun as it sets in peaceful silence or accompanied by a partner, friends and family with a coffee, dark chocolate or maybe some French cheese and a glass of Rose.

Laila’s secret is to collect special objects ranging from books, vases, the console table and massive candles or the antique pictures. Everything works together to create the French countryside look. It is not hard to tell why the couple settled down exacty here for their holiday home, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this little town.

It is a friendly, beautiful village that is alive the whole year round. There are no tourist buses in sight. Only breathtakingly beautiful views, lots of places to enjoy a walk, both in the mountains and in the forest, it feels that I could go on forever and never grow tired.

If you are curious to learn more about Maison Mondo go and have a look at Laila’s website online.


Written by Helene Arentz

Instagram: @hainteriordesign
Twitter: @ArentzHelene
Facebook: @hainteriordesign

Images by Ha Interior Design

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