Contemporary Chic Home Interiors

Contemporary Chic Home Interiors

Posted by Helene Arentz | 9 November 2018 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Transitioning your home into autumn, and soon enough winter is the perfect opportunity to align the spaces you live in. As the leaves change colour, as flowers begin to shrink, and wildlife goes into hibernation we should take a moment to slow down, observe, reflect and slowly rebuild to emerge again in the spring. Create a chic home this season which reflects the good in both the old and the new, the vintage, second-hand, inherited, with the contemporary, sleek, new.

Trends come and go but there is something incredibly unique and honest in transforming a house into a home. One of the biggest trends, in interior design, is mixing contemporary, sleek designs with beautifully aged, vintage pieces. By adding this personal touch to your home it instantly makes it more personal, and also encourages us to use what we already have, which is worth valuing.

By allowing this fusion between the old and the new it prevents us from feeling restricted to one style. I often hear people say, it does not fit in. On what authority? You and you alone decide if it fits or not. If it is functional, beautiful, inherited, a precious gift, or something made by a loved one, and means something to you, it fits.

Harmonising different styles is easy if you go with what you love building an ambience that can be felt by all. Personally, I love the feel of textured textiles, and my favourite is natural, good quality, materials that have become worn and faded over time. Such pieces add another storyline to the scene.

Imperfection is part of life, reflected all around us, and what’s a little scratch or loose thread. Accepting these kinks and quirks makes for a good approach if you have young children, pets or have an inclination to be a little clumsy yourself.

As an interior designer, I’m often asked which style I prefer. A very difficult question indeed. I guess my personal style is classic and functional, but more than anything the composition of different materials and colours. It doesn’t matter if it’s light colours, muted, bright or dark, mid-century, classic or modern. How you infuse your personality is what counts.

If you find it difficult to choose colours, I find starting with a winter white as a pleasing backdrop for most interiors. White reflects light and forms a clean contrast to most materials such as wood, leather and even rustic pieces which stand out beautifully with their knots, cracks and twists.


Written by Helene Arentz

Instagram: @hainteriordesign
Twitter: @ArentzHelene
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Helene Arentz
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Helene Arentz

Scandinavian interior designer Helene is a doyenne of creative home transformation, pairing personality and atmosphere with beautiful functionality. This is her inside story…

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