Balance Is The Key To True Beauty

Balance Is The Key To True Beauty

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 16 October 2018 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Magazine, Style & Beauty

Wellbeing is no longer a fad but a fantastic way to strike that all important balance between mind, body and soul. In fact, recent trends would suggest that by incorporating wellbeing into your daily regime you can revolutionise your health, lifestyle and beauty.

There are basics we rave about all the time but there are other lesser practised habits which if implemented and maintained can bring you a wealth of energy, time and drive to face each day feeling rejuvenated.

#1 – Hydration

Beauty gurus all over will vehemently swear by drinking water to attain better skin, feel better, work and live better. According to some studies if you allow yourself to feel thirsty you’ve been dehydrated for 20 minutes. Imagine the havoc that wreaks on your body, your mind, health and productivity?

#2 – Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed

We’ve spoken about getting your daily dose of shut eye but sometimes we simply cannot help how our skin behaves and looks in the morning. Eye contact is said to be one of the most powerful ways to make someone feel recognized and validated. When we feel that we lack confidence we tend to make less eye contact. Fight back against puffy eyes and dark circles with Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream with coffee as its active ingredient you can find this little star at Debenhams.

#3 – Spill The Tea

As classic as English Breakfast is it’s time to indulge in depths of new flavours. Shop Whittard’s selection of wellness teas designed to enhance better sleep with lavendar and sweet camomile, energise yourself in the mornings with a burst of lemongrass and blueberries, relax with a new blend of green tea and more. If you really want to delve into the wonders of a fresh brew why not try loose leaf tee?

#4 – Essence Of Life

If you’ve been following our newest blogger Matt Pullan you’ll see he leaves nothing behind when bringing his knowledge to the table. But taking care of your body, allowing it to recover, is just as important as putting in the hard work. Some essential oils are known to have a range of health benefits such as anti-inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic. Your go-to shop would be Holland and Barrett.

We don’t need elaborate, 12-step Korean style beauty regimes – as much as the beauty world may be obsessing over it – but we do deserve to feel good and look great!


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