Decorating Tips For A Guest Room

Decorating Tips For A Guest Room

Posted by Helene Arentz | 29 November 2018 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Christmas can be one of the busiest times of the year for many households. To get yourself ahead of the masses this festive period, start with your own home by preparing your guest room for those impromptu stay overs this season.

The festive season is a wonderful time of year to slow down and appreciate a slower pace. Who wouldn’t appreciate a warm welcome, especially if it comes in the form of a beautifully decorated room, prepared with the ultimate necessities to make your guests feel right at home?

It is so easy to show your guest you are happy to have them over, and that you have enjoyed the creative act of making them comfortable. Look beyond the bare basics, and think about the little touches that add a touch of personality.

The place where your guests will be resting their weary heads, after a long day’s travel or work, is essential to all rooms and acts as quite an inviting centrepiece.

Layers aren’t just for keeping warm in winter. Start with fresh bedclothes, and embellish with bed throws, cushions and more. You don’t need to cover the whole bed, instead fold down throws, and arrange cushions. Each item adds a new layer of experience.

Cushions can often add a touch of luxury, and it feels very comforting, making the bed a good place to have a little rest, whilst browsing some literature.

Seasonal literature is a great way to add another layer of interest to a room. Working in the same way a hotel does by adding a very personal touch.

However, your guest room will be better than any hotel room your guests will find. Extend your creativity and imagination into the bathroom with your best fluffy towels, a tray with your best samples of toiletries. I always bring them back from holidays, or I buy a little gift set, just perfect for a weekend stay over the holidays.

Aside from the aesthetics, you can never go wrong with adding a functional element to a room. I find that having a spare mobile phone charger can help take away some of the stress my guests often feel when they’re first settling in.

Lastly, invite your guests to enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee. Adding flowers to your tea is a quite the regal touch and adds an element of surprise. Whether it’s chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus or rose petals.

Whatever you do this festive season, remember to take the time to enjoy it and the wonderful company you happen to have.


Written by Helene Arentz

Instagram: @hainteriordesign
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