Merton Giving Week November 2018

Merton Giving Week November 2018

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 20 November 2018 | Community Spirit, Magazine

As the festive spirit envelopes Wimbledon in a warm blanket of holiday cheer, shopping, and Christmas lunches we encourage all to take a moment to look past the comfort of our own luxuries to something bigger than ourselves. Merton Giving, a new initiative, sets out to improve the lives of those living in the borough by re-energising local giving. Join us as we take a look at how Merton Giving Week is making an impact on our local, cherished community.

Based upon the notion that everyone has the power to give, no matter how small, Merton Giving provides local businesses, community groups and individuals the opportunity to donate and support the wider community.

Businesses that have recently worked with Merton Giving include Wimbledon Guild, Aya Restaurant and Lu-Ma Cafe.

The aim is to highlight the difficulties some members of our community face and bring us all closer together during such a special time of the year and Merton Giving are currently working tirelessly to build a Merton Giving Fund.

Besides donating monetary resources Merton Giving also encourage in-kind support which can take the form of time spent volunteering, providing professional skills and services, lending equipment or even offering venues for occasions. The list is endless and with our strong community spirit, we can all show just how big and powerful a family we can be.

Merton Giving Week launched on Monday 26th November and will run until the 2nd November. Connect and engage with us and Merton Giving on social media using the hashtag #hellomertongiving and #mgweek. Make your pledge, shine a light on your local community and together we can create change.

Wear your favourite funkiest outfit this Friday 30th November in support of Merton Giving. For further information read the leaflet above and find Merton Giving online, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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