How To Look Great On The Slopes

How To Look Great On The Slopes

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 5 January 2019 | Beauty, Magazine

Achieving a perfect complexion is by no means an easy task, especially in colder climates or during certain activities. However, there are things we can implement into our routine to save our skin while on the slopes.

When venturing on a skiing holiday one must remember that the most crucial thing to do is to look after and maintain the skin. The intense cold can wreak havoc and you may find that you’re out of balance weeks after you return.

Make sure the skin is nourished with a good nourishing hydrating cream. Opt for added anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients to keep the redness and dryness at bay. Green tea, oatmeal and chamomile are great and will keep the skin calm and also nourished.

While you may not be in a hot climate you still need to use a good SPF for maximum protection as you’re just as much at risk as if you were sunbathing. UV rays are reflected off of the snow and can increase your chances of getting sunburnt; you’re already contending with the elements, extra redness isn’t good. Look for maximum protection SPF 30 or higher, ideally a 50 with the added extras of being a full shield product.

Though the cold may drain colour from the skin you can still look glamorous and a beckon of vibrancy on the slopes. Mattes and nude lips are a no-no. Instead opt for bright, hydrating and nourishing lipstick. Oh and don’t forget to make sure to slather your lips in lots of lip balm as often as you can, especially before bed.

If you need to go the extra makeup mile use a very hydrating foundation or tinted BB cream to add a gentle touch of colour to the face, be sure to set lightly with powder to ensure the bases’ longevity.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun! Nothing gives more of a glow then the release of endorphins.

If you’re still struggling with your makeup or skincare then please drop me a line to discuss options and put together your perfect beauty prescription.


Written by Arif Isikgun

Founder and CEO of AiBeauty Consultancy

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